Exploring multiple paths for energy-saving renovation of electric power

Exploring multiple paths for energy-saving renovation of electric power

In recent years, the State Grid Corporation of China actively carried out power demand side management, vigorously promoted the work related to energy conservation and transformation of electric power, played an important role in the national energy conservation and emission reduction work, and made positive contributions to the construction of ecological civilization.

In order to reduce the customer-side power consumption and achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, power grid companies have widely applied the power demand side management technology, and promoted energy-saving work on the customer side through energy-saving technological transformation, development of a reasonable power consumption plan, and promotion of energy-saving products.

At the same time, the State Grid Corporation of China has also promoted a series of energy-saving renovation projects in various places, such as comprehensive utilization of resources such as residual heat and residual pressure, frequency conversion of motor transformation, transformation of street lamps, and transformation of boilers, to achieve the role of demonstration.

Survey location:

Jiangsu Foreign Language School

Renovation content:

Improve school lighting

Transformation method:

Promote energy-saving technologies

In August of this year, the National Grid Energy Saving Service Co., Ltd. conducted a classroom lighting reform for the Foreign Language School of Jiangsu Province. It replaced all the existing indoor lighting with high-efficiency lighting equipment, greatly improved the indoor lighting, and achieved an ideal energy saving. effect.

Jiangsu Foreign Languages ​​School is a famous foreign language professional normal school in Suzhou. In the process of running a school, the school found that the student’s myopia rate has been increasing year by year, and the trend is obvious. After investigation, it was found that the illumination in the classroom is low and uneven brightness is the main cause of myopia in students.

After assessing the energy efficiency of the school, the energy-saving service company of the State Grid found that the lighting conditions of foreign language schools in Jiangsu Province are far below the national standards. Under such light, students' eyes are easily fatigued, which can easily cause vision loss.

State Grid Energy Service Co., Ltd. implemented the membrane-control and high-efficiency lighting technology in this transformation. This technology uses the national patented high-efficiency reflective film material, which has 98% reflectivity and strong diffusion characteristics, and can greatly improve the efficiency of the entire lamp. Give full play to the comfort, softness, and stability of fluorescent lighting. The use of this technology by the State Grid Energy Service Company has proved that the average illumination of classrooms has increased from the original 150 Lx (lux, illuminance units) to 320 Lx (lux) after testing individual classroom lamps, and the uniformity has increased from 45% to 72%. Meet the goal of optimizing the teaching environment. In addition, the energy consumption of lighting in a single classroom is also reduced by 40%.

At the end of August, the State Grid Energy Service Company successfully completed the lighting transformation. After testing by a third-party authority, the overall illumination of the classroom has been upgraded to 300Lx (lux) or more, and the uniformity has been increased to 70%, fully meeting the international advanced school lighting environmental standards. In addition, this transformation also saved the school 150,000 kwh/year of electricity.

Survey location:

Taizhou City Highway 60

Renovation content:

Installing energy-saving LED street lights

Transformation method:

Application of energy-saving products

Since September, walking in the transit section of Taotou Town, Provincial Highway 60, Zhejiang Province, passers-by can see a bright and clear LED energy-saving street light. The street light stands in a straight line and stands tall. Previously, the route was densely trafficked in transit, with many pedestrians, and dimly lit old-fashioned roads. Drivers often couldn't see the front and rear people cars and caused many accidents. The local villagers were referred to as "blind spots".

This summer, with the attention of local governments, Zhejiang Electric Energy Service Co., Ltd. cooperated with Taizhou Tiantai County Power Supply Company Street Lamp Management Office to take over the street lamp reconstruction project of some sections of 60 provincial roads. Cangshan Power Supply Bureau actively cooperated with the construction team to assist in the line survey and entered the village to help the household to do a good job of policy processing.

As of September 2, 50 street lights were all installed and put into operation. The street lamp installed in this project is a new type of low-power LED energy-saving street lamp, energy consumption is only 0.125 kwh, energy saving and environmental protection, but also clear and bright, lighting effects than the original energy consumption of 0.5 kwh of the old section of the street lamp.

As a platform for the implementation of social energy-saving services by the State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company, Zhejiang Electric Energy Service Company has vigorously promoted the energy-saving transformation in the fields of green lighting and motor frequency conversion since its establishment. According to statistics, Zhejiang Electric Energy-Saving Service Company has signed 76 green lighting energy-saving service project contracts, involving the energy-saving transformation of more than 100,000 lamps and lanterns in 11 cities in Zhejiang Province. The annual electricity consumption of the project can reach more than 40 million kwh.

Zhejiang Electric Energy Service Company's green energy-saving lighting transformation is widely used in hotels, shopping malls, factories, cities and other roads. In the field of urban road lighting, the company has implemented green lighting renovations for dozens of areas in Haining, Tongxiang, Pinghu and Xiangshan, and has rebuilt more than 40,000 street lamps.

Survey Location: Henan Xichuan Aluminum Group

Transformation Content: Transforming the High Energy Consumption System of Enterprises

Renovation method: Optimize electricity plan

Henan Jiaochuan Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. is the largest electrolytic aluminum production enterprise in the southwest of Henan, with an annual output of 300,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum. It is an important large-scale enterprise in Henan Province. The company's annual total electricity consumption is more than 1 billion kilowatt-hours. To ease the pressure on enterprises, Henan Electric Power Bureau of Suichuan County built a 110 kV substation for the company in 2011. In order to help enterprises save energy and reduce emissions, Suichuan County Electric Power Bureau often dispatches technical personnel to the company for investigation. After energy efficiency evaluation, the technicians find that the total energy consumption of the cooling system of Aluminum Group accounts for more than 40% of the total energy consumption of its entire production. . Therefore, improving the performance index of the cooling system is of great significance to the energy-saving transformation of the enterprise.

After consultation, the bureau cooperated with the technical team of the Energy Efficiency Group of Henan Energy Conservation Service Company and the technical team of the company to carry out close cooperation and formulated a plan for energy-saving renovation. The company has designed a power consumption plan for the enterprise. After the improvement, the average daily electricity consumption of the single furnace of the cooling system of the Zhechuan Aluminum Group decreased by 25%. The company saved 300,000 kwh of electricity annually and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Since the beginning of this year, the Bureau has established a leading group for energy-saving renovation service activities. It has set up 10 service teams. The technical personnel of small teams often go deep into the production line to provide customers with a wide range of energy-saving services. It is reported that as of August, the Bureau conducted a total of 36 customer research and transformation of electricity customers, helping companies formulate 47 energy-saving projects. At present, 37 high-energy-consuming enterprises have implemented energy-saving reforms.

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