Exploring the way out for the domestic stage LED lighting industry

In the past few years, the stage LED lighting market continued to be hot, and then the performance market was hot, and the frequency of star concerts gradually climbed. In response to the progress of the national economic level, the promotion of civilized tasting, the research and development of stage LED lamps, and the depiction of dance beauty are also becoming more and more important in the whole market.
The market is expanding, but the domestic LED lighting production level can not keep up with the market demand. I can often hear sales people and customers say: "We use imported XX..." Why are domestic stage LED lamps relatively backward in the eyes of everyone? I think the following reasons:
First, the concept is backward
The backwardness of ideas involves many aspects. On the side of the producers, some people think that the LED lighting technology is low in content. At first glance, it is not necessary to invest in manpower to develop and only need to copy it. Some manufacturers think that high-end goods have no shopping malls, and the development investment is big and the risks are high. The concept is indifferent, and the skills standards are ignored; even the legal concept is low, shoddy, fake and shoddy. From the user's side, some troupe leaders believe that LED lamps only need to be able to perfuse performances, refuse to invest more funds to update equipment or purchase advanced LED lamps; some theater personnel have high demand for crowding and maintenance, and use complex high functions. LED lamps, light leakage or not do not care, as long as the performance does not cause problems, less light bulbs on the line; there are some LED lighting personnel used to the old LED lamps are not willing to accept new things, new products.
Second, the research and development strength is weak
Some LED luminaire manufacturers have a small number of developers, and even have no professional level. They often invite people when developing new products. Although I can get the real LED lighting personnel, but they don't know the stage, I don't know the function of this LED light fixture on the stage. I don't know that the development of new products is to eliminate the problems that have occurred in the previous products. It is impossible to develop LED lamps that are expected for the stage. After the new product is developed, it will leave, and it will not be able to improve and upgrade the new product, nor can it be strongly protected in practical use.
Third, the lack of investment and skill reserve for LED lighting research and development
In recent years, some domestically-minded manufacturers have begun to invest heavily and released some new products. But for a country like China, where market demand is getting higher and higher, it is still far from good. Driven by economic interests, short-sighted actions are endless, and it is even rarer to invest heavily and to reserve skills.
Fourth, the impact of low-end goods
At present, many theater companies and theaters are economically embarrassed, especially for a large number of small and medium-sized theater groups and prefecture-level theaters. Therefore, products with low prices and low functions still have a wide market. Various manufacturers have robbed the low-end market, and price wars are inevitable. The cost of LED products can save one point and save five cents. The material is saved a bit, the wires are a little shorter, and the process is less. The quality of the LED products is eliminated a little bit. High-end goods are as high-end and elegant, and the output is not good, and the manufacturers themselves have just entered the industry is not very professional, so they can only move forward in the low-end market.
Fifth, the manufacturer's company management level is not high
Most of the domestic LED lighting factories are small companies, and there are many private companies in the meantime. Although a small number of countries have passed the ISO9000 and other world certifications, there are still a lot of handicraft-style production and family-style management, lacking the construction of a modern company system.
Sixth, the impact of foreign high quality LED lighting products
Leading LED lamps from abroad have entered China, bringing new skills and new ideas to the Chinese people, but they have also impacted the weak domestic LED lighting market. The current high-end LED lighting products can be said to be the world's commodities. In the past two years, many large theaters have been built, and as long as economic conditions permit, all imported LED lamps are used. Some domestic manufacturers are unable to compete with foreign brands, and can only abandon the development of high-end products. This vicious circle will definitely have a very negative negative impact on the development of the domestic LED lighting industry.

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