Microsoft raised its quarterly dividend by 22%

Microsoft raised its quarterly dividend by 22% On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that the company’s board of directors has approved a 22% increase in quarterly dividends, while also approving a new stock repurchase plan of US$40 billion.

Microsoft announced that its quarterly stock dividend will be raised from the previous 23 cents per share to 28 cents per share, the share registration date is November 21, and the dividend payment date is December 12.

The new stock repurchase plan approved by the board of directors does not have a validity period limit, which will replace the previous stock repurchase program. The repurchase quota of Microsoft’s previous stock repurchase program is also US$40 billion, valid until September 30 this year.

Thanks to this news, Microsoft shares rose about 2% in trading before the opening bell on Tuesday, reaching US$33.36 per share.

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