Electronic component price index continues to decline

Electronic component price index continues to decline

I. Index dynamics

The current Huaqiangbei electronic market composite index continued to decline, closing at 93.98 points, down 0.09 points, or 0.10%. The price index on its four-plate electronic components and mobile phone products fell, falling by 0.27% and 0.44% respectively; the digital and IT products index rose by 0.89% and 0.14% respectively.

From the category index of 61 subdivisions, some varieties of price index fluctuations are larger, including mouse, MP3, graphics card, computer CPU, mobile storage devices, cameras, mouse and keyboard sets, connectors, inductors, car inverters, etc. The price index of products rose by more than 2%; in addition, the declines in filters, car GPS, triodes, hard drives, power circuits, and keyboards were more obvious, both exceeding 2%, of which the 8.83% drop in filter ranked first.

1. The price index of electronic components continues to decline

The current electronic components price index reported 98.06 points, down 0.27 points, or 0.27%. The electronic component price index stabilized and rose slightly by 0.18%. Inductors and capacitors in the sub-categories rose, rising by 2.84% and 0.36% respectively; resistors and filters decreased by 0.09% and 8.83% respectively.

The electronics index fluctuated at a low level, falling by 0.30% from the previous quarter to 98.28 points. The sensors of the company rebounded slightly, and ICs and discrete devices all went down. The IC fell 0.17%, and its rising products included connectors, digital circuits, MCUs, logic circuits, chips, amplifiers, and memory, among which the connector rose the most, at 3.24%; the power supply circuit and CPU index dropped by 2.48% and 0.63%, respectively. .

In the current period, the price index for discrete devices continued to bottom, with a year-on-year decrease of 1.68%, of which semiconductor diodes and triodes dropped by 0.09% and 3.46% respectively. After the sensor fell sharply, it was up 1.31% from the previous month to 102.27 points.

2. The high price index of mobile phone products falls

The current mobile price index reported at 85.68 points, down 0.38 points, or 0.44%. The market sentiment of the mobile phone market declined slightly. Domestic and foreign brand mobile phone price indices fell by 0.17% and 0.95% respectively.

3. The price index of digital products rebounded

The price index of digital products in the current period rose back to the end and closed at 85.91 points, up 0.76 points, or 0.89%. The price index of MP3, mobile storage devices, cameras, network cameras, digital video cameras and MP4s of its products increased by 5.05%, 3.86%, 3.64%, 1.32%, 0.25%, and 0.14%, respectively; the onboard GPS and digital camera indices declined. The decrease was 8.32% and 0.05% respectively.

4, IT product price index rose slightly

The price index of IT products continued to fluctuate slightly. The current report point was 93.75 points, up 0.13 points or 0.14%. From the perspective of the four major categories of IT products, the price index of external equipment and computer accessories increased, and the total product and network equipment fell. Total computer products fell by 0.67%. The price indices for notebooks, desktop PCs and tablet PCs all declined, with decreases of 0.27%, 0.85% and 1.38%, respectively.

External equipment continued to rise, an increase of 0.55%, of which only the printer slightly fell 0.84%, MFPs, computer monitors and scanners were up, the increase was 0.72%, 1.12% and 1.70%.

The network equipment was weak and volatile and fell 0.06% in this period. Among them, the gains of switches and network cards were 0.52% and 0.74%, respectively, while the routers fell, with a decrease of 0.86%.

The computer parts bottomed out and rose by 1.69%. The mouse, video card, computer CPU, computer motherboards, and chassis in this category all increased, with increases of 13.19%, 4.63%, 3.97%, 1.88%, and 0.42%, respectively; hard drives, keyboards, computer speakers, and memory price indices all fell. The hard disk had the largest drop, reaching 3.11%.

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