Popularization of basic audio knowledge

When you are enjoying wonderful high-quality music, have you noticed that the two major components of high-quality music restoration are: high-quality source (software) and high-fidelity equipment (hardware)? The role of the film source and equipment in the restoration of musi

Gold creates luxury LED interactive lamps

Form Us With Love, a design team from Sweden, designed a completely gold-plated and extremely luxurious lamp at the opening of the Boda Stockholm Design House in Sweden. Today's price is still an important reason for the difficulty of promoting the LED lamp market. This b

Decrypt car keyless entry system

Among the many trendy electronic devices in the car, the smart key system is very eye-catching. The keyless entry technology brings excellent convenience, and the one-button start brings a full sense of technology, but only from turning the key to pressing the button. This cha

Luminos Optoelectronics products passed US LM-80 test

On November 6, Yite Technology announced that after assisting SemiLEDs to pass the US Energy Star Lumen Maintenance Rate (LM-80) test in August, this month it will further assist Lumenmax 30LV & 3022 A series of LED components successfully passed the US LM-80 test. Yite T