Unitrans ZXSM-10G SDH transmission system

Unitrans ZXSM-10G SDH transmission system Unitrans ZXSM-10G is a S-64 / OC-192 level multi-functional broadband node device launched by ZTE. It can provide high-speed and large-capacity information transmission to meet the needs of current and future trunk network, local netw

Working principle of hydraulic solenoid valve

Working principle of hydraulic solenoid valve Solenoid valve is an automatic basic element used to control fluid, which belongs to the actuator; it is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. Solenoid valves are used to control the direction of hydraulic flow. The mechanical d

Classification of digital certificates

Classification of digital certificates Personal Certificate Enterprise or Organization Identity Certificate Payment Gateway Certificate Server certificate, enterprise or organization code signing certificate, secure e-mail certificate, personal code signing certificate, pers

Maxim Active Radiation Limit (AEL) circuit

Abstract: This application note discusses Maxim ’s third-generation Class D audio power amplifier technology, which enables “filterless” work in consumer electronics. Specifically, this article explains Maxim's new generation of patent-pending active radi

Class D amplifier heat dissipation considerations

Abstract: Class D amplifiers have higher efficiency and better thermal performance than class AB amplifiers. Nevertheless, the use of Class D amplifiers still requires careful consideration of their heat dissipation. This application note analyzes the thermal performance of Cla

Ultra-Low-Noise LDO Achieves 6

Abstract: This ultra-low-noise LDO combines low-noise components with filtering to achieve an output noise performance of 6nV / at 1kHz. Of the many low-dropout (LDO) regulators used to regulate voltage in electronic systems, some are specifically designed for low-noise opera