Optical fiber transmission advantages

Optical fiber transmission has many outstanding advantages: Bandwidth The width of the frequency band represents the size of the transmission capacity. The higher the carrier frequency, the greater the bandwidth of the signal that can be transmitted. In the VHF band, the carrier frequenc

Top ten brands of water purifiers

With the coming of the new year, the top ten brand names in the home appliance industry are ready to come. In recent days, the top ten brands of water purifiers have also been released. 2013 top ten brands of water purifiers: the top ten net water purifier 2013 top ten brands of water pur

BOE 8.5th generation thin film transistor liquid crysta…

On the evening of December 29, BOE A (000725) announced that the company's first oxide panel production line invested by the company, Hefei's 8.5th generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device (TFT-LCD) production line project (hereinafter referred to as the "project&q

Discussion on innovative ideas of lighting LED package

At present, LED packaging methods include: bracket row package, chip package, and module package. These packaging methods are common and commonly used. First, conventional existing packaging methods and application fields The bracket package is the earliest used to produce a single

Samsung Electronics withdraws from Japanese home LED ma…

According to recent news from the Korean electronics industry, Samsung Electronics recently transferred the home Led Bulb sales business under the LED division of the accessories department to the CE division of the home appliance division. Since the CE business unit has no distribution network in

How to buy an air purifier?

Since December, haze has invaded and spread more than half of China, polluting the air in many cities. People have come up with all sorts of ways to "resist a panacea," and indoor air purifiers have recently become popular "artifacts." But how should consumers choose a

Incandescent lights stop selling, fueling the wave of L…

According to the incandescent ban passed by the US Congress, the United States will stop selling the best-selling 40-watt and 60-watt incandescent lamps on the New Year's Day in 2014, aiming to promote energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps, LED lamps and other energy-efficient bulbs. . Affect