Is there a Trojan horse in the smart TV/TV box?

It must be acknowledged that smart TV users are far less computer users in the protection against Trojan horses and viruses. The main reason is that they do not think that viruses and Trojans can threaten smart TVs. And smart TV as a signal output side is not afraid of viru

LED display shipments will maintain 16% growth in the n…

Market research company IHS Research pointed out that the total shipments of the direct-view LED video market in 2015 increased by 15.6% from the same period of last year. However, the overall revenue in 2015 only increased by 1.2%, which was mainly due to the price drop in all pixel pitch

Skills for Quick Selection of Capacitors in Switching P…

Capacitors are the most common devices in switching power supplies. They can be used to reduce ripple noise and improve the stability and transient response of power supplies. However, there are many types of capacitors. How to quickly select them through tricks? And the produc

Microsoft hardware business in painful transformation

It is understood that Microsoft's hardware business, including Windows phones and Surface series of tablets and notebooks, is clearly in a painful transition. Microsoft reported today that its revenue from the equipment business segment at the constant exchange rate contracted by 22%

77-inch 130,000 LG Signature OLED TV on sale

The LG Signature OLED TV debuted at CES this year has officially opened for sale. The overseas price is 65 inches at 7999.99 US dollars and 77 inches at 19999.99 US dollars (about 133,000 yuan), and the country is only 65 inches at the moment, priced at 59,999 yuan, if 77 in

Other people's crazy wife, I came to explode - Appl…

As a digital industry (career) I (industry) love (剁) good (hand) (party) all the way from the Apple 4s, the apple (accurately Apple phone) has been faithful to follow, until the fruit of a variety of information 7 With the explosion of information and spy photos, my h