Dongshan Precision Adjusts the non-public offering pric…

On June 12, Suzhou Dongshan Precision Co., Ltd. issued an announcement concerning the adjustment of the reserve price and the number of issuance of non-public offering shares after the 2011 annual equity distribution plan. The announcement stated that the pricing benchmark date for this non-public

After the Elpida bankruptcy, the DRAM price volatility …

According to IHS iSuppli’s DRAM market briefing, since Elpida’s bankruptcy in February, the volatility in the DRAM market has clearly weakened, clearly inconsistent with its long-term trend. Since Elpida announced its multi-billion-dollar debt, DRAM prices appear to have rem

Three operators may increase new users in May to reduce…

According to the data released by the three major operators in May this year, the number of new 3G subscribers of these three operators has been greatly reduced compared with the historical peak. The Orient Securities report believes that this shows that competition in the 3G industry has

Nano LEDs have potential in biomedical devices

The use of LED technology has been very extensive, but in order to make people's lives more convenient, some companies are constantly exploring new technologies. Recently, the Sergio Brovelli research group of Los Alamos National Laboratory collaborated with the Alberto Paleari research team of

Million HD monitoring network passive network solution

In recent years, the market share of network cameras with POE interfaces is growing at a high speed. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be held, and the construction of “Safe City” will gradually deepen. The position of network cameras in the market w

Intelligent parking system workflow and system design

Intelligent parking lot management system This article refers to the address: http:// The traditional parking management system focuses on the billing and charging management functions. It pays attention to the time of entry and exit of each vehicle to facilitate charging, and considers the saf

LED lighting replacement solution

LED lighting alternatives to halogen, incandescent or fluorescent alternatives face two design challenges: 1. Meet the size requirements 2. Electrical specifications are compatible with existing architectures Maxim's innovative drive solutions help designers meet these dema