2015 drone technology 琅琊 list inventory

In 2015, with the explosive growth of drones, domestic and foreign drone companies have launched a full-scale competition, and various new technologies have emerged one after another. The competition in the market is arguing or technical accumulation and competition. Then, the

2016 China LED packaging industry trend outlook

Key Analysis In the second week of 2016, key stocks in the LED industry continued to perform poorly. The industry index fell by 12.5%, and 22 key stocks in the industry fell by 20%, with an average decline of 14.6%. The statistics of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII)

Various smart TV interface small science

Smart TVs are an important part of smart homes. In order to support various devices, smart TVs need to use various interfaces. Let's work together to understand what are the common interfaces so that they can be used conveniently. HDMI interface The high-definition multimedia interface. It ca

The correct posture for home wireless network expansion…

A group of data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: As of October 2015, the number of mobile phone users in China exceeded 1.3 billion, 4G users accounted for more than a quarter, and mobile broadband users (ie 3G and 4G users) increased by 165 million. The tota

Memorize: LED lighting driver circuit and typical chip …

An LED emits light by applying a voltage to its PN junction to form an energy level transition to produce a photon. The LED device cannot be directly connected to 220V AC. It should be powered by a low voltage of 2-3V, that is, a complex conversion circuit (drive circuit) should be designed accordi

How to use the mobile phone to achieve wireless control…

Use (Huawei secret box + LED video processor + WIFI) combination scheme The Huawei secret box can also be replaced with a Xiaomi box. The following Huawei secret box is an example: First, the main functions: The mobile phone (Android, Apple) system is used to control the LED display to play the

The top five technologies that LeTV Super TV may use

Recently, the official microblog of LeTV TV has exploded and will hold a new product launch conference on the theme of "super-speed" on December 22. According to Xiaobian's understanding of LeTV, the “super” in the conference should refer to the latest gener

Application of PL2101 in street lamp control system

In order to realize the automation of campus streetlight control, the author developed a streetlight control system based on power line carrier using PL 2101 chip. The system adopts power carrier communication mode, which connects all the street lamps to the computer, and monitors the