Qu Shi's Vice President Ke Shiya: 5G is the Foundat…

【World Wide Web Reporter Zhang Yang】 Today, the vast majority of people are using smart phones. When we skillfully open WeChat for voice and video chat and grab red envelopes, few people seriously think about what makes today. Mobile life? As a science and tec

Intel introduced new modem Gigabit LTE

"Gigabit LTE" is the next step in wireless Internet, and now Intel is ready to take action. Intel announced a new modem, the "XMM 7560," which supports download speeds of up to 1 Gbps and upload speeds of up to 225 Mbps. This modem is suitable for smartphon

Circuit protection connection for wearable devices and …

Circuit protection techniques and board layout strategies help improve security, reliability, and connectivity. Wearable technology has a weakness that is unlikely to appear in the IoT news headlines: the body generates static electricity while moving. Static electricity can damage sensitive electr

Brilliance BMW's three new car plans to expose: the…

A few days ago, a project document of a domestic BMW parts supplier was exposed online. The document shows that in addition to the new 5 series and the new 3 series will be domestically produced, the new X3 will also be introduced to China. At this point, the domestic plan of

Low-cost MIPI interface IP based on Xilinx FPGA

FPGA-based low-cost MIPI interface for video displays and cameras. Users who design embedded system DSI and CSI-2 video interfaces can now adopt low-cost MIPI interfaces Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) and its senior alliance members Northwest Logic and Xylon announced the introd