What is a "hand in hand" conference system?

In the selection of conference system products, we often see the concept of “hand in hand”. What is the hand-in-hand conference system? As we all know, the conference system is a common application in professional audio systems, which is sound transmission, sound reinforcement, etc. A

LED lighting manufacturer Fukai shares listed in the Ne…

The announcement of the National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System shows that the listing application of Shenzhen Fukai Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (stock short name: Fukai Securities Stock Code: 838821) was approved and listed today. Fukai was established on June 22, 2010.

Medical big data analysis

Introduction: Medical big data refers to the source of new value from the analysis, management, and capture of large-capacity data from big data software to achieve new insights into big data analysis. Medical big data presents two contradictory features, and personal informat

Romantic young millet Yeelight bedside lamp experience

Always believe that good things are going to happen. Hey, everyone, I’m Tang Bohu, welcome to watch “Bohu Digital”, and “Artistic Youth” is an identity mark that has re-emerged after “Peony”. In a broad sense, people like culture.