Three aspects of wireless sensor networks

1. First known sensor network There are two types of wireless networks. One is an infrastructure network that requires fixed base stations. For example, mobile cellular communications such as wireless cellular networks require tall antennas and high-power base stations to sup

What are the problems and opportunities facing outdoor …

As an alternative media transmission method, digital outdoor LEDs have shown extraordinary outdoor communication power after entering the Chinese market in 2005. However, the lag of the model has also made the LED advertising display industry face great challenges. Question A market slowdown For

Huawei ZTE sets off smart city tide LED smart street li…

Looking at the world, "smart city" has become a hot word. In foreign countries, the global information wave has pushed information technology to change urban construction. More than 200 cities around the world are developing smart cities. Domestically, “smart cities” are gradua

Fluke Thermal Image Solution Center

Beijing, China---May 10, 2016--- Fluk Thermal Imaging Division officially released the Thermal Image Solution Center, which integrates the real-time application experience of the infrared camera, 360° product center, self-service selection order, Exclusive customer service

Mortimer remote ROOT brush music as a UI fool tutorial

Temporary box brush machine has always been the use of card brush method, this method brush machine success rate is high but there is also a big risk problem, if the improper operation will lead to Tianmin box brick, dangerous degree is very large, but this is also a problem

iPhone7s use OLED screen to detonate industry chain

On the one hand, suppliers are looking for new markets, and on the other hand, Apple is in urgent need of finding new supply chain innovations to maintain its position as a leader. Last week, OLED concept stocks continued to ferment. The main reason is that the market is rumor