What is it like to be late for music?

Yesterday, LeTV issued two financial products, “9 Money Management” and “Limited Time Spikes” at LeTV’s “Buy and Play America” strategy conference. This is also the first public appearance of the business after LeTV CEO Jia Yueting

South Koreans have got driverless cars. What other coun…

Google let more people know about self-driving cars, Baidu, Tesla, Uber, Intel and other companies have joined the army of self-driving cars, but for most users, they have only heard of self-driving cars, but Never seen, let alone sit. According to media reports today, Koreans will soon have to boa

What can AI Internet bring?

Recently, because of entrepreneurship and Dr. Chen Xiaoliang (founder of Acoustic Technology, acoustics, speech recognition experts), the future is discussed more, and I agree with Dr. Chen's two key judgments on future trends: 1. The AI ​​Internet is coming