How Mercedes used Iron Man technology to improve the da…

In the 21st century, car dashboards are not only used to display speed and oil. In order to withstand the raging CarPlay and Android Auto, Mesads turned his attention to a Hollywood commercial blockbuster "Iron Man." Recently, the technology website SlashGear visited Mercedes-Benz's

Can Collaborative Capital "Bundle" Internet T…

Haier, Gome, and Oriental Pearl have all participated in Internet TV. However, unlike the previous singles, these three companies are connected with ODM manufacturer Mega Group shares and popular network through capital bonds - the first product under the new cooperation mo

LED+ M&A boosts Hongli Optoelectronics' net pro…

[Text / high-tech LED Yue Mengdi] "The Indian market has begun to rise," the responsible person of Hongli Optoelectronics (300219.SZ) told Gaogong LED, "this is also a starting point for a long time in this market." Hongli Optoelectronics is a heavyweight enterprise in China

3D printer is not playing yet, 4D printing is coming.

“3D printing is a representative subversive technology in the manufacturing industry, which has made a major shift in manufacturing from materials, materials to additives, and changed the concept and model of traditional manufacturing.” Premier Li’s speech a

LED industry output value exceeded 450 billion

After entering 2015, under the background of stable growth and structural adjustment of the country, with the economic growth entering the “new normal” situation, the strategy of building a national power under the leadership of the “One Belt and One Road” and â€

Why do digital engineers need RF knowledge?

Why do digital engineers need RF knowledge? In many high-speed applications such as computers, communications, etc., many digital buses have data rates of Gb/s or higher. Traditionally, we believe that the ideal digital signal of 0, 1 begins to show more of its RF characteris

Classification of COB substrates

The COB literally means that the chip is directly attached to the substrate. It can be seen that the most important type of COB is the type of substrate, and different types of substrates have different types of COB. Substrate material Aluminum substrate: composed of an aluminum substrate, an insu