Volvo, Volkswagen, Nissan, anti-collision system performance competition!

Electronic enthusiasts: Automobile safety has always been one of the most important issues of major manufacturers in the world. They are also constantly developing and innovating in the field of safety. Today's anti-collision safety system is not only related to the vehicle itself, but also has a certain detection. Ability to avoid collisions even within a certain speed range.

Safety is an eternal topic for every car manufacturer. Various well-known overseas manufacturers have also been committed to developing more safe measures for car members and external connections to avoid traffic accidents. These safety guarantees have evolved from passive measures such as airbags to ESP Active systems such as body stability. With the advancement of technology, manufacturers are no longer satisfied with ensuring the safety of vehicles themselves, but have also made great progress in preventing collisions. Some manufacturers have also invested in the actual application stage. Let me take a look at these preventions. Collision technology.

● Volvo City Safety

Although various manufacturers are doing in the safety field, Volvo has always been regarded as an advocate of the safety field. It is also the first automobile manufacturer to list City Safety as a high-tech equipment.

The City Safety system was developed to help drivers avoid rear-end collisions at low speeds. In the current rush hour of large cities, the traffic volume is large and the road conditions are complicated. The average driving speed is usually less than 30 km / h. This is the best time for the low-speed driving safety system to work, and the driver is in a long traffic jam. It is very easy to be paralyzed when driving down. I do n’t know if you feel this way. The purpose of City Safety is to solve this problem.

The urban security system uses a laser sensor built into the top of the windshield and mounted at the height of the rearview mirror to monitor the traffic conditions ahead. It can detect cars and other objects within 10 meters in front of the bumper.

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