Jindano double-sided LED display settled in Wuhan

[High-tech LED News] Recently, Jindano, which was built by Wuhan Xigel Media, turned the LED display on both sides and was successfully screened. It was rated as “the most energy-saving LED display project in Wuhan”.

The display is located at Zongguan Station of Wuhan Light Rail Line 1, with a total area of ​​520 square meters. The display has lower carbon energy and light pollution than traditional LED display, and consumes only 90 watts per square meter. Highly recognized and praised by customers.

Cross arms are a kind of angle iron fixed on the telegraph pole,it is a important part for pole the tower, it is used to install insulators and power fittings in order to supporting the wire and lightning conductors, whichsteel Cross Arm make them keep safe distance between them each other by rule. Cross arm is generally installed at 300mm from the top of the pole, and the Insulation Cross Arm should be installed on the receiving side, while the cross arm on the corner pole, the terminal pole and the branch pole should be installed on the guy wire side.


cross arm

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Cross Arm

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