105 LED landscape lights on Wenling Road in Quanzhou will be illuminated before the National Day

[High-tech LED News] The reporter learned from the Quanzhou Municipal Engineering Management Office that the LED landscape lights of Wenling Road in Quanzhou City will soon be installed. From Donghu Street to Quanxiu Street, the total length is more than 2 kilometers, according to every 30 meters. The standard will install 105 LED landscape lights with a total investment of about 2.08 million yuan. It is expected to be fully installed and lit before the National Day this year.

According to reports, the lights are divided into three shapes, each of which can change seven colors, called "Olympic Flame", "Oriental Pearl", "dynamic music". At present, the Wenling Road LED landscape light project has completed the bidding, and once the manufacturer's lamps are in place, they can enter the construction.

The next phase of the city will consider the layout of LED landscape lights on the east section of Jiuyi Street and Fengze Street.

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