High-tech LED boutique exhibition list of 50 exhibitors announced

[High-tech LED News] On August 30, 2011, the 2011 Gaogong LED Lighting Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai International Convention Center. As the world's first boutique display platform for positioning LED industry chain, this year's high-tech LED lighting boutique exhibition covers 50 world-renowned brand manufacturers. It is expected that the professional audience will reach 8,000 in 2 days. The high-tech LED lighting boutique exhibition was held for the first time with a unique exhibition mode, high-end brand positioning, and the first G20-LED Summit and the 8th High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum, with the latest products and innovative technologies. The audience builds the most professional platform.

List of 50 exhibiting companies from around the world announced
The pioneering nature of the high-tech LED lighting boutique exhibition can also be seen from the strategic partners of the organizer Gaogong LED. With the high reputation and reputation of high-tech LED in the global LED industry, and the market research service of the high-tech LED industry research institute, the positioning of high-tech LED lighting boutique exhibition is internationalized, high-end and professional. The 50 brands that participated in the exhibition came from all over the world. The exhibits ranged from sapphire substrates, chips, devices and equipment to various LED lighting source lamps.

In recent years, the fast-growing Chinese LED market has led many international multinational companies to open up new territories in Asia, especially in the Chinese market. Among the brands participating in the exhibition, in addition to the well-known brands such as Philips Lumileds, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and Intematix, many international brands are also making their debut in China: Samsung LED, Merck, SemiLEDS, etc. They are closely watching the Chinese market and are working in high-tech. The premiere of the LED Lighting Exhibition was fully prepared.

The 50 exhibiting companies are:

International companies: PHILIPS LUMILEDS, Osram, SAMSUNG LED, Intematix, Merck

Upstream companies: Yaweilang Optoelectronics, Dongjun Laser, Xurui Optoelectronics, Tonghui Electronics
Midstream enterprises: Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Hangke Optoelectronics, Anpu Optoelectronics, Baishi Optoelectronics, Zhongzhou Optoelectronics, Wanrun Technology, Yimeixinguang, Jingtai Optoelectronics
Downstream enterprises: Sunlight Lighting, Shanghai Yaming, Juzuo Lighting, Xinli Light Source, Zhonglong Transportation, Huazhao Optoelectronics, Shunguang Lighting, Rishang Optoelectronics, Jing Lande Lighting, Zhongjing Corey, Hongbao Electric, History Ford Optoelectronics, Cinda Optoelectronics, Shenghui Lighting, Wanbang Optoelectronics, Yuyu Lighting, Yulu Optoelectronics, CDH Technology, Nanke Group, Jiale Electronics, Jiangsu Tianhao Optoelectronics Group
Equipment and testing: Zhongwei Optoelectronics, Hanmin Precision, Dazu Laser, Delong Laser, Star Spectrophotoelectric, Tengsheng Equipment, Shanghai Excitation Testing
Power supply: Ming Wei Electronics, Infineon Electronics, Aihua Electronics, Yongming Electronics, and Heding Circuit

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The first high-tech LED lighting boutique exhibition highlighted its leading position in the professionalism of visitors. The organizer Gaogong LED has a good interaction with the local lighting industry and industry brand agents, retailers, buyers, specialty store operators, corporate executives and professional media in the early stage of the exhibition. The professional audience understands from many ways and from multiple angles. To the preparations for the exhibition, the pre-registration of the audience was 5,000, and the organizing committee issued a total of 9000 professional visitor certificates. At the same time, the organizers also specially printed more than 20,000 special exhibitions in advance - "LEDs Boutique Guide" was distributed to the above professional audience.

From August 30 to 31, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw at the exhibition. The prizes include iPad2, branded smartphones, LED desk lamps and flashlights.

2011 high-tech LED lighting boutique exhibition, focusing on high-end, brand, boutique. Open up the market with innovation and create quality products with heart. Please join us to witness this global LED industry brand event!

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