Special facilities and equipment of the Ya'an Sports Bureau Gymnasium (second batch) LE...

Title: Ya'an Sports Bureau Stadium Special Facilities and Equipment (Second Batch) LED Screen Purchasing Project Request for Comments Bulletin No.: SCIT-ZG-20090618 Announcement Date: June 20, 2009 Deadline: June 25, 2009 Institution: Ya'an City Sports Bureau Province: Sichuan Province - Ya'an City Content: Pre-audit Announcement Title: Ya'an City Sports Bureau Gymnasium Special Facilities and Equipment (Second Batch) LED Screen Purchasing Project Request for Comments Announcement Procurement Project Name: Dedicated to Ya'an Sports Bureau Gymnasium Facility equipment (second batch) LED screen procurement project procurement project number: SCIT-ZG-20090618 Announcement release time: June 19, 2009 14:44 administrative division: Sichuan Province procurement method: open tender purchaser: Ya'an City Sports Number of procurement packages: 1
Entrusted bidding unit /
Procurement Intermediary Structure Name: Intermediary Organization Number of Sichuan International Tendering Co., Ltd.:
Correction announcement: No purchase content: LED electronic display screen 2 Applicant qualification: 1. LED display manufacturer with registered capital of not less than 4 million yuan; (provided original when purchasing bidding documents)
2. Qualified with electronic engineering contracting or intelligent level 3 or above;
3, with IS09001 quality system certification (certification scope should include LED display design and development, production and services, etc.); (original documents are required when purchasing bidding documents)
4. Have a membership certificate of China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association;
5. Since 2006, the project performance of the stadium full-color LED display of more than 1 million yuan has not been less than 3; (original documents are required when purchasing bidding documents)
6. Have legal person status and have the right to conclude a contract independently;
7. In the past three years of government procurement activities, there has been no illegal or chaotic behavior in business activities;
8. Have the equipment and professional technical skills necessary to perform the contract;
9. Have a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system;
10. This project does not accept the bidding of the consortium, and may not subcontract and subcontract.
The documents required by the above 1, 2, and 4 shall be provided with the originals when purchasing the bidding documents, and a copy of the stamped fresh seal shall be kept.
Registration deadline: 17:00, June 25, 2009 Registration location:
Contact / Contact: Contact agency of the tendering agency:
Sichuan International Tendering Co., Ltd. Bank: Chengdu Construction Bank, a bank account name: Sichuan International Tendering Co., Ltd. Contact: Sun Chuan, Luo Juan Tel: 028-87797776, 87793136-804, 805 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: 610072 Address: No. 1-3, Building 10, Tower A, Haorui New World, 8-40 Xi'an Middle Road, Chengdu

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