ENERGY STAR LED light certification will be introduced soon, companies should pay attention to the energy efficiency requirements of LED lights

In 2009, ENERGY STAR launched the certification drafts for solid-state lighting fixtures in January and May, and introduced draft certifications 1 and 2 on integrated LED lamps. It is expected that this certification plan will be officially launched this year. The ENERGY STAR Integrated LED Lamp Certification Program drafts all aspects of the overall efficacy, color temperature, light intensity distribution, power quality, noise, color stability, etc. of the LED lamp, and also requires information on the package. Detailed regulations. Once the draft is officially in force, it will mean a greater increase in product quality for LED companies exporting to the United States. Because of the popularity of ENERGY STAR in the US market, obtaining Energy Star certification means capturing more markets and winning more customers.

1. Definition and Scope An integral LED lamp is defined as a base that contains an LED, an integrated LED driver, and an ANSI-compliant lamp for connecting to the branch circuit through an ANSI standard lamp socket/socket. The product range covered by this specification includes monolithic LED lamps, decorative (candlestick style) lamps and standard reflector lamps of 20W or more, and non-standard lamps, which are intended to replace standard incandescent lamps above 25W. Other alternative lamps may be added to this standard in the future as LED technology evolves.
2. Requirements for all lamps Table 3.21 lists the requirements for all lamps, ie all integral LED lamps, whether non-standard or replacement, must meet the requirements.

In addition, the draft also lists the packaging requirements for integral LED lights.
3. Requirements for non-standard lamps are called non-standard lamps, that is, LED lamps in the form of non-standard lamps. Such lamps are not equivalent in power or type to existing standard lamps. In addition to the requirements for all lamps, non-standard lamps are required to meet the performance and information requirements listed in Table 3.22. In addition, the requirements for non-standard lamps do not apply to LED lamps that are planned to replace linear fluorescent lamps or high-intensity gas discharge (HID) lamps.
4. Requirements for replacement lamps Replacement lamps are LED lamps that are intended to replace existing standard electronic lamps (according to ANSI C79.1:2002). All lamps indicating the equivalent value of the standard lamp power or type on the product packaging, printed matter or other materials must provide the following information about the replaced lamp (ie the target lamp):
l Target lamp type, using standard lamp names as defined in ANSI C79.1:2002, such as A, R, MR, PAR, etc.;
l Target lamp diameter in eighth-eighths of an inch, such as A19, MR16, PAR38, etc.;
l target lamp nominal power;
l For directional lights, the target lamp beam angle in degrees.
The requirements for replacement lamps do not apply to LED lamps that are planned to replace linear fluorescent lamps or high intensity gas discharge (HID) lamps.
Draft 2 classifies replacement lamps into omnidirectional lamp replacement, decorative lamp replacement and directional lamp replacement, each of which specifies its minimum performance standards and dimensional requirements (respectively See Table 3.23, Table 3.24 and Table 3.25).

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