LED driver IC working voltage up to 60V TSMC

TSMC introduced the modular BCD (Bipolar, CMOS DMOS) process on the 15th, which will enable customers to produce high-voltage integrated LED driver IC products.

This new BCD process features a 12-volt to 60-volt operating voltage range that supports a wide range of LED applications, including backlights for LCD flat panel displays, LED displays, general lighting and automotive lighting, and It spans 0.6 micron to 0.18 micron and has several digital core modes available for selection, suitable for different digital control circuit gate densities. In addition, the CyberShuttleTM shared trial service is also available to support initial functional verification of the 0.25 micron and 0.18 micron processes.

The bill of materials for system products can be reduced by a number of integrated features provided by the new process. High-voltage DMOS not only provides MOSFET switch integration, but also reduces the number of components. Other components that can be integrated include: high-voltage bipolar transistor, high-voltage/high-precision capacitor, high-resistance polysilicon Zener diode (Zenerdiode) Etc., also reduces the number of external components and significantly reduces the board area.

The DMOS process supports leading drain-to-source on-resistance (Rdson) performance in professional integrated circuit fabrication (eg, for a specific 60V NLDMOS device, when BV > 80V, its Rdson is 72mohm-mm2) and its high current Drive capability, which can be optimized for component size to improve power efficiency; a reliable safe operating area (SOA) also makes power switching and drive circuits ideal; more detailed characterization can be used as a useful reference. Enable IC design to achieve the best chip size and design budget.

In terms of COMS, the 5 volt operating voltage can support the design of the PulseWidth Modulation Controller, while the 2.5 volt and 1.8 volt logic cores are common for higher level digital integration. In addition, memory options that are compatible with logic, single-write, and multiple-write can also provide enhanced digital programming.

Director of the TSMC Industrial Electronics Development Office, Liu Xinsheng pointed out that the BCD process of the new LED driver IC is a very sophisticated technology for the integration of drive components. The related process design kits (PDKs) emphasize the highly accurate SPICE model and provide a single chip. Design more convenience. In addition, MismatchingMod EL can help improve the accuracy of current multi-channel LED driver designs.

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