LED underground light procurement

Project Name: LED Underground Light Purchasing Industry: Machinery and Electromechanical Area: Liaoning Release Date: 2009/06/29
Deadline: 2009/07/07

Content of the newsletter:
Entrusted to conduct competitive negotiation and bidding for the LED underground light project, and welcome qualified suppliers to participate in the bidding.
I. Tender No.: Tie Cai Jing Zi [
Second, the project content: LED underground light procurement project,
Quantity: 1220 (Responsible for installation, this project is a turnkey project, see the bidding documents for details).
Third, the bidder qualification: a valid copy of the business license, tax registration certificate, legal representative authorization, construction performance and award certificate in the past two years, etc. Fourth, the time for receiving the bidding documents: 9:00-16:00 every day? v Beijing time)
V. Tendering time: 9:00 am, July 7, 2009 (Beijing time)

For details, please contact the China Bidding Purchasing Information Network.

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