Mitsubishi to create a first-class LED large-screen display wall

There is no overwhelming advertising, and there are no celebrity endorsements. As the largest media platform in China and the leader in the broadcasting industry, Mitsubishi Electric's super-full-color LED display of CCTV subsidiary Zhongshi TV is rewriting the domestic LED large-screen display industry in another way.

Mitsubishi Electric's large full-color LED display stays in CCTV

In recent years, the domestic LED display industry has achieved rapid development. The annual completion of the project shows that the area has doubled, the number of employees has doubled, and the industry's awareness has tripled. However, at the same time that the domestic LED large-screen display industry has been overwhelmed by domestic and overseas manufacturers, the broadcasting industry has applied, especially at the production level. The application has become a wonderful industry for manufacturers.

Very high product quality requirements in the broadcasting industry. The large-scale display system of broadcasting and television at the program production level has extremely high requirements on the stability, reliability, display performance and picture restoration accuracy of the equipment. The effect of the production-level radio and television display system is that every moment, there are thousands of pairs of eyes in front of the TV, and the slightest error can be amplified many times.

Among the suppliers of LED large-screen equipment that are difficult to count in the country, Mitsubishi Electric has successfully won several production-level display projects of CCTV subsidiary Zhongshi TV with its superior product quality and highly reliable stability design. In CCTV's "Health Road" column, financial channel, Zhongshi Media, and many stage performance projects, Mitsubishi Electric's LED display technology is offering more exciting visual meals for more than 1 billion viewers.

Mitsubishi Electric's leading global quality achievement benchmark project

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world's most famous suppliers of large-screen display systems, maintaining a number of records in large-screen indoor and outdoor display systems.

American Dodgers Stadium Panorama

The world's first full-color display (1980 Dodge Stadium); the world's tallest LED outdoor display (New York Times Square Reuters Building); the world's longest LED outdoor display (Hong Kong Sha Tin Racecourse, this screen worked for 2008 Beijing Olympic Equestrian Events); the world's largest LED outdoor display (JRA Tokyo Racecourse, 2006); the world's largest LED indoor display (Caesar Palace Grand Theatre); the world's first LED indoor 3mm HD display (Germany T- Com), the latest world record (Dallas New Cowboy Stadium totals about 3,000 square meters large screen - 2010 NBA All-Star Game), Shanghai World Financial Center (China's tallest building)...

Sha Tin Racecourse, Hong Kong

In the global large-screen display industry, Mitsubishi has a 30-year history of business, which is three to five times the average age of the global large-screen display industry. Mitsubishi quality, which has been thoroughly tested by history, has become the best reason for many customers to trust Mitsubishi and choose Mitsubishi many times.

In the application of the CCTV project, Mitsubishi Electric has dedicated Mitsubishi's best display technology and products to domestic customers. Mitsubishi Electric's LED large-screen display system, represented by IDT6 rental products, has successfully matched CCTV's world-class media service platform with its highly stable reliability, first-class color and picture performance control level, and first-class product service capabilities. A strong engineering team benchmark.

Mitsubishi Electric expert technology deepens domestic LED display high-end market

In actual project applications, especially display system engineering, the final project effect is the customer's most concerned issue. Mitsubishi Electric's LED large-screen display products inherit all the leading technologies of Mitsubishi Electric's large-screen industry, and escort customers' high-level applications with first-class product production processes and customizable after-sales service systems.

Mitsubishi Electric's LED large-screen original light-emitting device not only uses Nichia's lamps, but also requires the use of Japanese original lamps, and each display must use the same batch of lamp products to ensure high quality. A solid foundation for display performance and optimal screen consistency.

Mitsubishi Electric's LED display has a variety of screen adjustment technologies: automatic image edge correction, automatic selection of scan lines for different resolution sources, detailed illumination to each illuminator, brightness correction, and the highest level of electrical appliances. Auxiliary accessories, high-grade supporting environmental control equipment, with the most scientific visual angle design to maximize the characteristics of large-screen LED display system highlights, high color reproduction ratio, high gray scale, and more director of radio and television systems, The actor provides a technical arena where you can use your creative talents at will.

Mitsubishi Electric successfully defeated the challenges of strong competitors from countries in Japan, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States in the competition for many CCTV TV projects. Mitsubishi Electric's outstanding product performance, superb production process and quality management level, together with scientific and rigorous on-site installation and advanced field testing technology, set an unsurpassable benchmark for high-quality LED large-screen display applications.

In the face of the increasing demand for domestic large-screen display market, Mitsubishi Electric will take CCTV project as a new starting point, comprehensively increase the development of the domestic market, with world-class quality, professional product technology strength, all-round Domestic users provide high-quality LED display system services such as LED.

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