Xingguo General Military Park Management Office "large LED outdoor electronic display"...

Title: Xingguo General Military Park Management Office "Large LED Outdoor Electronic Display" Tender Answer Letter Tender No.: XG-090606 Announcement Date: June 26, 2009 Deadline: June 30, 2009 Tendering Agency: Xingguo General Garden Management Provinces and cities: Jiangxi Province - Chenzhou City Content: Each potential bidder:
In response to the bidder's question about the driving method of the technical parameter table and the power consumption of the display screen, the agreement is as follows with the owner:
1. Drive mode: At present, the driving mode of LED Display mainly has two ways of constant current and constant voltage. The constant current damage to the Led Tube is smaller, so that the LED has a longer life, and the light decay is required to be in the circuit when using constant voltage driving. The series resistors regulate the current, so some energy is consumed, and the energy saving effect is worse than the constant current. Full color displays on the market are generally driven by constant current. P12.5 outdoor full color display can be made into constant current driven 1/2 scan and 1/4 scan. The difference of scanning mode determines the brightness, power consumption and cost of the display. The 1/8 scanning method is mostly used in indoor display screens. This scanning method is used for outdoor brightness. In combination with the installation location of the owner unit and related actual conditions, it is suitable to require the display to be made into a 1/4 scan driving mode.
2. Power consumption: At present, after several years of development in the display industry, no significant progress has been made in production technology or product performance. Technological innovations based on energy conservation and environmental protection have reduced the energy consumption of display screens. The use of high quality raw materials can reduce the energy consumption of the display. It is understood that the P12.5 outdoor full-color display produced by high-quality raw materials can meet the power requirements required by the bidding documents.
3. Some manufacturers use the voltage increase to increase the current to achieve the brightness of the display. The air conditioner is cooled internally, which increases the energy consumption and shortens the display life.
This Q&A is an integral part of the Bidding Documents. The corresponding terms of the original Bidding Documents are inconsistent with the Q&A. The Q&A is subject to the Q&A. Company Name: Contact Person of Government Procurement Department of Xingguo County Tendering and Bidding Center: Tel: 0797-5308856 E-mail: Fax: 0797-5308856 Postal Code: Address: Beside the Central Garden of No. 198, Minjiang Road, Xingguo County (County Administrative Service Center Building) Second floor)

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