White LED driver shines in notebook LCD displays

Texas Instruments Inc. introduces a six-chann el , 40V white led driver with a built-in, high-efficiency boost regulator and 1.5A FET. The smallest Led driverto manage up to 60 white LED s at once, the TPS61181 provides highpower efficiency And accurate current regulation for medium-sizeddisplays used in notebooks, portable GPS, industrial and medicalapplications.

The TPS61181 provides enhanced pulse-width modulation (PWM) brightness dimming control for a 100:1 brightness range. The device is designed to minimize any potential audible noise or output AC ripple across a wide dimmingduty cycle and frequency range, according to TI. Key featuresinclude: 5-24V input voltage; 1MHz switching frequency (a TPS61182version provides 1.3MHz); boost output auto-adaptive to white LEDvoltages; six-current sink of 25mA; less than 2.5 percent currentmatching and three percent accuracy; over- Voltage protection; whiteLED open/short protection; and input and output isolation during short-circuit and shutdown conditions.

The integrated device, which comes in a 0.8mm x 3mm x 3mm QFNpackage is available now. The suggested resale price is $1.75 for1,000-unit quantities. A TPS61181EVM-259 evaluation module is alsoavailable and suggested resale price is $49.

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