Tender Notice for Construction of Jianming Road Street Light Project

Tender No. Tendering Agent: Hebei Xingyi Project Management Co., Ltd. Owner: Xushui County Construction Bureau Registration Deadline: 2009-07-03
Region: Hebei Industry: Water Conservancy Bridge Construction, Electrical and Electronic Appliances

1. The streetlight project of Jianming Road of Xushui County Construction Bureau has been approved by Xushui County Development and Reform Bureau, and the approval number is Xushui Development [2009] No. 38. It is now decided to open tender for the construction of the project and select the contractor.

2. Overview of the bidding project
2.1 The bidding project is the streetlight project of Jianming Road of Xushui County Construction Bureau. The total length is about 3,400 meters. The contracting method of the project is labor and materials, with a total investment of about 2.25 million yuan. The source of funds is financial allocation.
2.2 The construction site is located at Jianming Road, Xushui County.
2.3 The planned commencement date is August 6, 2009, and the planned completion date is October 4, 2009, and the construction period is 60 days (calendar day).
2.4 The project quality requirements are in line with the “Construction Quality Acceptance Specifications” standard.

3. Any construction enterprise that has the ability to undertake the bidding project and has the required qualifications may apply for the pre-qualification of the above-mentioned bidding project to the tenderee. Only the applicants who are qualified for pre-qualification can participate in the bidding.

4. The applicant for bidding shall be a legal person with the qualification level of the municipal public works construction general contracting level and above or the urban and road lighting engineering professional contracting level 3 and above issued by the construction administrative department. .

5. Applicants can apply for registration and obtain pre-qualification documents from Xushui County Construction Bureau from June 29 to July 3, 2009 (8:30-11:30, 14:30-17:30). At the time of registration, the construction enterprise of the province shall provide: 1 business license of enterprise legal person 2 qualification certificate of construction enterprise 3 credit manual of bidding enterprise 4 certificate of construction engineer or certificate of (temporary) construction engineer's certificate 5 safety production license 6 legal person power of attorney and agent ID card; foreign construction enterprises must provide: 1 corporate legal person business license 2 construction industry enterprise qualification certificate 3 construction engineer registration certificate or (temporary) construction engineer 4 safety production permit 5 legal person authorization letter and agent ID card 6 entry record Procedures and squatting in the bidding company credit manual.

6. For the pre-qualification application form and other requirements, please refer to the pre-qualification documents of this project.

7. The application for prequalification shall be sent to Xushui County Construction Bureau at 5:30 pm (excluding 5:30) on July 3, 2009 at the latest. The application for prequalification that is not delivered or fails to meet the requirements will be Refuse.

8. Applicants who are qualified for pre-qualification should obtain the bidding documents and relevant materials according to the time, place and method specified in the pre-qualification notice.

Tenderer: Xushui County Construction Bureau Address: Zhenxing West Road, Xushui County Post Code: 072550
Phone Contact: Shun Tian Shan

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