Wuhan: 3 years to install 36,000 LED lights

(Chutian Metropolis Daily) (Reporter Yang Lei intern Qian Yao Chen Yuehong) As a national demonstration city for semiconductor lighting applications (referred to as the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles”), Wuhan will be installed in the city in three years from this year to 2011. 36,000 盏 LED semiconductor lighting.

Yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Government Standing Committee passed the "Temporary Plan for Semiconductor Lighting Application Engineering in Wuhan City".

LED means light-emitting diode, and semiconductor lighting uses light-emitting diode as a new Light Source. Semiconductor lighting lamps have the advantages of long life, energy saving, safety, etc. Under the same brightness, the power consumption is only one tenth of that of ordinary incandescent lamps, and the life can be extended by 100 times. Some experts said that in 2010, if one third of the country's incandescent lamps were replaced by semiconductor lamps, it would save nearly 100 billion kWh per year, equivalent to the power generation of a Three Gorges project.

The use of LED semiconductor lamps is not only energy-saving, it will also allow Wuhan's already large-scale LED industry to flourish. Wuhan City expects to become the core gathering area of ​​the central and domestic LED industry in the future.

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