Easy to use for wireless installations, with many changes to the mix: Sonos 5.1 home theater portfolio

Thanks to Zhang Aunt, she gave another chance to be measured, and this time it was still a product that was so powerful. Sonos's play1, 3, and 5 were all measured on Aunt Zhang, and they were old friends. Previously applied for sonos series has not passed, this time in a big gift package, eliminating the previous resentment.

The evaluation product is a 5.1 suit, which is actually a combination of a Playbar sound bar, a SUB subwoofer, and two play1 small speakers. Sonos's products are more interesting and can be freely combined. He has been playing hifi for the past two years. Recently, the box has also been involved. Therefore, in this review, not only will the Sonos Suite show 5.1 multimedia performance, but it will also evaluate the sound quality of playbar and play1 and compare it with my own speaker system. .

I write something that is generally flat and straightforward, and talk directly about the features and features of the product itself. There is no sentiment, and some may feel boring, and entertainment and appreciation are not strong. However, I strive to be true and objective, and give people who are interested in the product more first-hand experience. The general structure of the evaluation is as follows. If you are not very interested in out-of-box presentations and APPs, you can start with the third section or look directly at the conclusions.

One. Unpacking

II. Installation and Networking

Three.5.1 audio and video experience

Four. Sonos free combination experience

V. Summary

The following officially begins the evaluation section.

One. Unpacking

â–² This set is sent in three boxes. With XperiaZ1 as a reference, you can see that the box is large. Unlike traditional 5.1 products, Sonos' 5.1 home theater portfolio is not a single product but uses a combination of multiple products, which gives the product the ability to freely combine and adjust.

â–² Remove the kraft paper packaging and expose the real body. They are two play1, sub and playbar.

â–² Unpack one piece and come to playbar first. The front is the product's rendering.

Open it, the inside is the body, the left and right sets of shock absorption sponge.

â–² take out the body, there is a box below, which contains instructions, power cords, optical fiber and cable.

â–² The main body is a long bar with a black net cover and a silver-gray trim strip on the top. On the right side of the trim bar is an infrared receiving window of the remote controller.

â–² This is a positive perspective. There are also silver-gray trims at the bottom, and the right side is the remote control receiver. There is a remote control interface on the body, but it does not come with a remote control. Why is this? The answer will be revealed later.

â–² An explosion map of playbar was found on the Internet. It used a total of 9 speakers to be tilted and placed in groups of three. Each group had two midrange speakers and one high frequency horn.

â–²playbar can be placed flat, it can also be lifted. Lifting hooks are reserved at the bottom.

â–²On the interface, there are only two Ethernet ports, one fiber port and one power port. To be honest, I don't understand why there are two Ethernet ports and only one fiber port. If you provide an optical fiber or coaxial port, you can expand more equipment, such as projection. If there are projections and televisions at home, only one fiber port is a bit more troublesome. Personally, it would be more appropriate to prepare two.

â–² playbar button on the right, respectively, play, volume increase or decrease. Sonos's products do not have a power switch and power on automatically. After all, not everyone likes the electrical appliances in their homes to be on all the time. It is not energy-saving and environmentally safe and there are security risks. Personally think that plus or better power switch, otherwise you can only use each socket with a separate switch socket, or to each sonos device equipped with a smart switch.

â–² The next step is subwoofer SUB.

â–² open the box, damping sponge is the instructions, this cargo is very heavy, the cover on the special tips how to remove.

Remove the top of the shock-absorbing cotton, which has a power cord, a set of foot pads and a cloth.

â–²sub uses a glossy piano surface texture, but it is also a dust and fingerprint collector. At this time, the cloth above came in handy. Hopefully Sonos can launch a matte paint version for our lazy choice. . . . . .

â–² Quote the explosion map found on the Internet. Its structure is more interesting. It is a flat cuboid with a rectangular slot in the middle and two opposing low-frequency horns in the middle with guide holes up and down. The two opposing low-frequency horns are said to have shock-absorbing technology to prevent cabinet movement and noise.

â–² The bottom is the nameplate. There is also a power jack and a network cable connector. The sub can be placed upside-down, but there are no feet pads at the front and back. At this time, the upper set of pads can be attached to the side facing the ground. What is more interesting is that although sub has a network cable interface, it does not come with a network cable.

There is a connection button on the side of â–²sub, which can be used when paired. SUB thickness is relatively thin, unlike many subwoofers are cubes, not so occupied, easier to place.

â–² The last is play1, two pairs.

â–² Open the package, first is the product description and quick guide.

â–² play1 accessories is relatively simple, is a power cord and a cable.

â–² The top of the box has control buttons.

â–² The back of the cabinet has a cable interface and a lifting interface.

â–² The bottom of the cabinet is the power connector. Different from other products, the power interface of play1 adopts the L-type tail plug design, which can not only affect the placement, but also reduce the jack on the body.

II. Installation and Networking

â–² Ordinary power amplifiers need a pair of speaker cables to connect each speaker. Calculate two satellite boxes, one center surround, two surround boxes, and one subwoofer requires 6X2=12 speaker cables in total. Think about it is about to collapse. . . . Look at the back panel of this amplifier, is there any feeling of dizziness?

Sonos's biggest advantage is the full wireless connection. The use of wireless means that there is no need to have a speaker cable link between the speakers, only need to set aside a corresponding power connector for the speaker, the layout is convenient, and the trouble of laying the speaker cable is eliminated during the decoration. If it is a renovated house, it will bring convenience to the room without remodeling and layout. Just find a power outlet nearby. The use of sound bars instead of center speakers and satellites is a slightly tricky approach. Because of the width, the sound field will have a certain degree of compression. However, for ordinary home theaters, the sound quality will not be significantly decreased. Placement will also be much simpler, lifting will look beautiful.

â–²sonos full set of products are very simple to install, you only need to download and install the official Sonos app, plug the device into the power cord, then follow the APP's tips. .

â–² I first added a Play1. According to the prompts, the power light flashes green when the power is turned on, and the connection starts when the prompt button is pressed.

â–² However, there is a problem with the connection and I do not know what happened. The box is indeed lit orange, follow the prompts.


â–² APP suggests using a wired connection. After connecting to the network cable, play1 immediately recognized the success.

â–² Follow the prompts to assign the corresponding group and register, after which the firmware will be automatically updated and you can use it later.

Plug in here, and later I found out why the wireless connection was not possible at first. The Sonos product only supports 802.11G and does not support N. In my home, all devices support N and the BG compatibility mode is turned off. . .

Here to give manufacturers some advice, this is what age, AC has already begun to popularize, it is not a bit should not support N, should let the new product fully support AC, after all, Sonos things are not cheap goods, not bad A little cost. After all, routing turns on the compatibility mode, the throughput will be significantly reduced, and the efficiency will be reduced. At least I think we must support N to be reliable.

â–² to find the problem is easier to handle, open the route BG compatibility mode, after the Playbar, SUB and left and right surround speakers according to the prompts on the very smooth added. It has to be said that wireless installation is really easy. There is no need to pull the line and the app is directly managed. It is really convenient.

â–² Then follow the instructions of the APP to make adjustments and optimize the settings according to the room environment.

â–² Then connect the TV with Playbar through the optical fiber and turn off the TV's own speaker.

â–² Previous questions about the remote control can be answered here. Although no remote control is provided, the playbar can be remotely controlled by learning other remote controls. According to the prompt to playbar to learn, you can use other remote control to remote control, really convenient!

However, it looks very good but it has encountered a problem:

Panasonic's remote control can be successfully paired, but only the volume-acting, + and mute can not be used, as is the millet box remote. However, Lang Quan's remote control could not be successfully paired. This tells the truth a bit embarrassing, there is no way to temporarily use the app remote control. . .

â–²A very convenient feature of Sonos is that its app supports a very rich streaming media platform. Watercress, shrimp, QQ, Netease Cloud, Cool Me, Himalayan, etc. all support, so you have endless listening library. In addition, in addition to its own streaming media, it also supports the playback of local tracks on mobile devices, as well as DLNA, AirPlay wireless delivery, very convenient.

But there is a problem here. When playing a local file on a device, it does not support folder browsing. . . This tells the truth; Slightly painful, I have hundreds of CDs to find through the album and the author is still tiring, or the folder to browse more convenient.

â–² At the same time, various configurations, adjustments, groupings, etc. can be performed on the room in the settings, and the playability is very high. For example, different speakers are placed in different rooms, all rooms are grouped into a group, all rooms are unified to play the same music as an airport train station, or different rooms are divided into different groups. Each room plays differently. The track. We will not go into detail here, we can explore and try on our own, and we will also briefly introduce each combination.

Three.5.1 audio and video experience

After all is completed, you can perform 5.1 audio and video experience.

â–² Because there is no tripod and it is not convenient for wall hanging, I put two play1 on the two corners of the sofa. When people sit in the middle, they are about 1.2m away from the two surround speakers. Playbar was placed in front of the TV and sub was placed in the TV cabinet. The above is a rough plan.

â–² The actual scene effect is what the figure looks like. The playbar and the environment are well integrated because TV is just black and the bookshelf in my home is also black. You don't look carefully in the picture and the TV is visually fit.

â–² Put a video on it. Blu-ray player to play Avatar clips, rx100 video. On the connection, Sonos5.1 combines televisions with playbars to connect the TVs. The rest are all wirelessly connected. The full set only requires 4 power outlets and an optical fiber to implement a 5.1 surround system. The 2.0hifi system is coaxially output by the Blu-ray player to the NV4000 decoder. The decoder XLR connects to the Langquan 50A amplifier. The amplifier drives two speakers through a speaker cable. A total of 2 power jacks, a coaxial cable, and 2 are required. Root XLR signal line and 4 speaker lines, only two speakers.

Video is recorded using RX100. After recording it, I discovered that the goods were not sensitive to low frequencies, and the low-frequency changes were not very obvious. Let's make a makeshift look. . .

Personally feel that the overall effect of this set of sound is still good, the explosive power is relatively strong, the sound is very clean, there is no muddy sense of muddy water. The subwoofer is good for the overall atmosphere, and the effects of explosions and other surround sound speakers are also very good. The overall surround sound of the 5.1 sound is 2.0 and can't do it anyway. However, being limited by the volume, it is impossible to want special explosions. It is not possible to achieve the effect of low-frequency topless roof lifts, but it is shocking enough and the sound should not be opened too much, otherwise it will surely come downstairs for a while.

â–² A movie box from the millet box, a zombie world war clip. The advantage of fiber-optic television is that television sets, Blu-ray players, PS4 and other devices can connect TVs together, and they can all be output by optical fiber, and audio can be transmitted to playbar. Of course, ordinary 5.1 digital AV amplifiers are also the same.

â–² Another musical, Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Edition. Due to the relationship between the stage position and the shooting position, the surround and low-frequency effects are less obvious than in the movie. At this time, the hifi box still has certain advantages, because the performance of the high frequency is even better.

As for the contrast with the 2.0hifi speakers, there is no suspense. There are more subwoofers and surround speakers, and the playbar is also the main speaker of the midrange. . .

â–² A comparison of the S2000MKII's zombie world wars, no subwoofer, aircraft engine, zombie crashed, shot sounds dried up a lot, lack of surround sound also makes the sound no three-dimensional, all of a sudden became flat.

Four. Sonos free combination experience

If you only use Sonos's 5.1 set as a home theater, it would be a bit overkill. In addition to SUB, each of Sonos's products can be used independently and can also be combined to achieve ever-changing results.

â–² For example, it has been play1 alone. It is very small and can be easily brought into the bag. In addition, he is the only moisture-proof product in the family, and is not afraid of being damaged by the damp environment. At home, he can also be taken casually in any room, such as reading in the library, cooking in the kitchen, bathing in the bathroom, just plug in the power, connect to wifi, it can work, play music.

â–² It is also possible to pair two play1 components 2.0. Due to the compact size, only two power sockets are needed. Just bring them anywhere as long as you can connect wifi. Used in the study, is a pair of good multimedia 2.0 small boxes.

This box is small, but the amount of volume and low-frequency sense can be unambiguous, watching movies is quite appropriate. The high-frequency delay and permeability are not very good, but the low-frequency sensation is large but the descent is generally more suitable for multimedia applications than the pure hifi use. But there is a very egg problem, it does not have the ability to input signal, personally feel that manufacturers should really come out with a PC adapter, or upgrade the software so that all sonos products can be relatively free access to the signal, so that it is more convenient to use . For example, if you can watch a movie, I would definitely buy a pair for the study and maybe play3. However, since I can only listen to songs, I definitely won't choose him.

Here are a few videos of play1 playing music.

The first is Adele's "Hello."

Then there was Eason Chan’s “Long time no see”.

The third is the second paragraph of the demon tremolo "La campanella".

The fourth is the 87th Vienna concert "The Radetz March."

â–² On the basis of 2.0, you can also add a SUB subwoofer to form a 2.1 system, but if this is true, the truth is slightly unbalanced. SUB actually feels more balanced with a pair of Play5 individuals. If it is used in the living room, it does not need surround effect, and if you pay more attention to sound quality, a pair of play5+sub can obtain better sound quality than playbar+sub+play1 surround.

The addition of the subwoofer is a good complement to the low-frequency movie when it can greatly make up for the lack of small box low-frequency impact, but the subwoofer too loud when the song is released, the sound is more booming, and some uncomfortable. It is still the four songs:

The first is Adele's "Hello."

Then there was Eason Chan’s “Long time no see”.

The third is the second paragraph of the demon tremolo "La campanella".

The fourth is the 87th Vienna concert "The Radetz March."

â–² A playbar can also be used alone to form a 3.0 system. Since there are nine horns in the left, right, and middle groups, each group has a high, medium, and low combination. Therefore, using the playbar alone to watch movies and listening to music is also ok. However, due to the lack of a subwoofer, the overall bias toward midrange makes the sound balance not That's great.

The first is Adele's "Hello."

Then there was Eason Chan’s “Long time no see”.

The third is the second paragraph "La campanella".

The fourth is the 87th Vienna concert "The Radetz March."

â–² A sound bar + a subwoofer is now a classic home theater configuration. This combination is also well-balanced. However, since the left and right channels of the playbar are relatively close, the width of the sound field is limited. If it is three play1 or play3 words, the left and right channel pendulum to open some, the sound field will have a more significant increase.

The first is Adele's "Hello."

Then there was Eason Chan’s “Long time no see”.

The third is the second paragraph of the demon tremolo "La campanella".

The fourth is the 87th Vienna concert "The Radetz March."

▲ If you look at some movies that aren’t that popular, it’s not bad to have a sound bar + two surround groups of 5.0.

â–²Of course the configuration is complete, naturally the best audio and video effects can be achieved. 5.1 Music is not recorded because there is no 5.1 channel song.

â–² I also recorded the same four paragraphs in my own bookshelf. The sound of the HiFi box is still more clean and clear, of course, this has a certain relationship with the decoding.

The first is Adele's "Hello."

Then there was Eason Chan’s “Long time no see”.

The third is the second paragraph of the demon tremolo "La campanella".

The fourth is the 87th Vienna concert "The Radetz March."

S2000MK2 also recorded these four songs. Although there are many guns and many guns on the S2000MK2 touted very powerful, but the actual comparison of the sound Hui Q5 after the discovery of the goods there is no magic, low frequency is more turbid, attenuation is not effective, although the use of high-frequency flat panel Seismic membrane but no matter the degree of transparency or extension of Q5's Haier treble, and no advantage, the overall sound on the Q5 should be more clean, low-frequency dive and flexibility is much better, sense of volume is not a loss, but also through the attenuation to obtain the right amount of sense .

Because the line was not long enough, I didn't pick up the predecessor of Longquan and used mojo to decode it. The effect of recording is not good. Let's make a makeshift look.

The first is Adele's "Hello."

Then there was Eason Chan’s “Long time no see”.

The third is the second paragraph "La campanella".

The fourth is the 87th Vienna concert "The Radetz March."

Sonos' product portfolio has a high degree of flexibility. A set of 5.1 stereos can make a wide variety of combinations.

You can also use the playbar and sub in the living room, a play1 in the study and bedroom, or a pair of play1 2.0 in the study. There are only so few products in this package. When you play it, you feel a bit overstretched and things are not enough. After using play1 will play3 and play5 began to be interested in, began in mind YY kitchen bathroom each house a play1, a pair of study play, 3, bedroom to a play5 what is the feeling. . . Rub, this infinite expansion and combination is really too pitted, people automatically generate the urge to buy, buy, buy and buy, Sonos's intentions are sinister!

In addition, individuals think that manufacturers can later upgrade their products by boosting or developing a brand-new media center, providing access to optical and coaxial media, or supporting PC watching movies, games, and other multimedia videos through software upgrades. It allows the user to more freely combine and expand the product, for example, using three play5s, or one play3 and two play5s to serve as a center and satellite box in the 5.1 system, and a computer sound to charge the study with two play1s or play3s. In addition, you can develop support for 7.1, you can form a combination of seven play5 + a SUB luxury 7.1 audio.

V. Summary

Sonos's audio is mainly wifi, which is very convenient from connection management to playback. Ordinary users do not have the complex needs of people playing hifi. They only need to be simple, convenient, and nice, but also have streaming media. Sonos's products have achieved a very good experience in this area. A playbar, a SUB subwoofer and a pair of Play1 can form a set of standard 5.1 audio, and can also make many different combinations according to their own habits and hobbies, with convenience, playability, and use effects. A very good experience, especially the plug-in network can be used, the convenience of placement is impressive, after playing one or two products, it is easy to grow grass on the other products of his family, and there is a constant tragedy.

Here's a summary of the advantages and disadvantages:


Beautiful appearance

Wireless deployment is very convenient.

Good app management convenience

Streaming media function is very convenient, also supports playback of the local track of the control terminal, as well as DLNA and AirPlay delivery

5.1 Multimedia works well

Users can re-assemble themselves according to their own needs, with high playability and convenience.


Wireless only supports BG, not compatible with N and AC

App playback device local audio does not support folder browsing

The playbar loses only one set of fiber inputs, which can be troublesome if you need to connect to a TV and projection at the same time.

At present, multimedia 5.1 can only playbar as the core, not flexible enough

The tuning is more popular, the whole is more suitable for multimedia, and the HiFi sound quality is still slightly lacking.

In addition to playbar equipment can only be played through the network, there is no playbar as a media center, can not connect with computers, televisions, game consoles, multimedia playback.

It is easy to receive tragic tsunami cases and you must keep your wallet safe.

Overall, this Sonos sound system is still very good, I think the biggest obstacle to stop the user's purchase is the price. If this set can be reduced to seven thousand, it is really lethal. . . Because it is so convenient. In addition, I think we can also try other products of his family and feel very good. It is hoped that Sonos can make the stereo pairing of play1, 3, and 5 be directly used for PC multimedia. If it can be used, it will be more flexible and the sales will be much wider. After all, the single 5 is not very good on the desk.

The end of this evaluation, thank you for watching. There is no doubt that you can leave a message. I try to reply one by one.

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