Mercedes-Benz show concept leisure travel truck available drone with delivery

Mercedes-Benz has always had its own vision for the future of small travel trucks. Although for many people, driving such a car may be a bit boring, after all, this practical car is not as off-road as SUV, and there is no car driving experience, but Mercedes-Benz is at CES. We show a different expectation for this type of car.

Mercedes-Benz show concept leisure travel truck

This Mercedes-Benz Vision Van concept car is completely different from the same type of car you have seen before. It is very visually stunning. It is not only full of technological elements, but also looks so square. Mercedes-Benz uses a large amount of visualization and digitization technology in Vision Van, and deeply integrates the characteristics of information and transportation. Vision Van became the first concept car in the world to digitize the entire transportation process.

Vision Van is fully automated from warehouse loading to distribution, and Vision Van is equipped with a dedicated drone on the roof, which not only predicts traffic ahead, but also intelligent driving, while still using The man-machine delivers the goods directly to the user. The Vision Van is equipped with a 75kW battery and has a cruising range of 434 kilometers. As a pure electric vehicle, it has performed quite well.

Not only is it powerful, Vision Van also subverts the design concept of traditional cars in its design. Vision Van replaces the traditional grille radiator with LED matrix display, and can also display vehicle brakes, turns and other information through the body's LED lights or screen. I believe that if you have such a cool SUV in the future, you will definitely find the feeling of excitement again.

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