Make up for the lack of lighting, the bathroom space is shaped with lights

Due to the limited housing layout, many indoor toilets have insufficient natural lighting, so artificial light sources must be used to solve the lighting in the bathroom. The bathroom space is smaller than other rooms. Although the lighting is simpler than other rooms, if it is not handled properly, it will affect the overall feeling of the space. Therefore, the lighting of the bathroom should be paid more attention. In general, the bathroom uses light, and the combination of overall lighting and local lighting is used to complete the “heavy duty” of the light.

For the overall illumination of the bathroom, lamps and measures that are less prone to glare should be used. In order to conceal the various pipes that affect the look and feel, the bathroom after the ceiling treatment is inevitably low. The ceiling light source in the overall lighting position is relatively close to the human eye level. Therefore, it is necessary to take certain measures to make the light illumination suitable, without glare and straight into the eyes.

For a bathroom with a ceiling, the lamp position should be placed in the space inside the shed above the bottom of the ceiling. The light source is projected through the aperture in the bottom surface of the ceiling, and the cover is covered with a cover sheet made of a translucent material to produce a soft scattering of light. The cover of the window can be made of sandblasted glass, printed glass, and plexiglass light. Sandblasted glass and printed glass have a certain weight, so it is firm and safe when installing the ceiling light window. The plexiglass light sheet has a concave and convex embossed pattern on the surface, which can generate good scattered light. However, the heat resistance of such materials tends to be poor, and after being affected by temperature, it is easily deformed and affects the effect. Therefore, when choosing a luminaire, it is necessary to consider using a low-temperature fluorescent lamp, etc., and to maintain an appropriate distance between the position of the luminaire and the window hood. Of course, there will be many young people who admire simple people, and they are not willing to spend too much effort on the installation of lamps. At this time, the ceiling lamp with the cover is the best choice. In fact, the requirements for bathroom fixtures are similar to those of the kitchen, and they must be anti-fog and easy to clean, and the ceiling lamps can be waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant.

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