Foshan Lighting executives responded to insider trading doubts

Yesterday, some media reported that Zhuang Jianyi, vice chairman of Foshan Lighting, and the company’s director of the board of directors were suspected of insider trading. Relevant personnel of the company agreed that buying stocks is by no means a insider trading.

Foshan Lighting deputy director Zhuang Jianyi said in a media interview that as the company's vice chairman, the stocks of Foshan Lighting itself have always been bought and sold, and they have always insisted on holding, which is not a short-term speculation in insider trading. Moreover, I have always had the habit of buying shares of the company in the Foshan Lighting Dividends. Over the years, in 2009, the stocks purchased with dividends were also used.

For the company’s director Dong Gao to purchase shares on September 17 and 18, 2009, Foshan Lighting’s board secretary Lin Yihui told the media that the company’s director Dong Gao bought the company’s stock because the company issued the 2008 incentive fund and requested From September 14 to 27, 2009, directors, supervisors and senior executives used the incentive fund to buy shares in the company. Moreover, from the time point of view, the company’s director Dong Gao’s purchase of stocks was arranged after the disclosure of the Qinghai Folu Lithium Energy Co., Ltd. on September 11. It was just after the announcement of the matter that the board of directors agreed to issue incentive funds to the directors. High purchase of the company's stock. As for the company's subsidiaries and Qinghai Salt Lake Technology Development Co., Ltd. signed a letter of intent for cooperation during this period, this is a continuation of the actual operation of the company after the announcement of this project, there is no inside information problem. Moreover, the company’s September 11 announcement has mentioned the issue of cooperation with related companies in the form of business.

60FT Monopole Tower

Product Description

Available height:5-80m

Electric pressure:10kv--550kv

Material:Q345B/A572,minimum yield strength>=345MPA,
Q235B/A36,minimum yield strength>=235MPA

Galvanized:Hot dip galvanization,thickness is>=12um

Delivery lead time:30 days after receiving 30% deposit

Lifetime:Minimum 25 years

Structure:Overlap connection/Flange connection

Galvanizing standard:EN ISO 146,ASTM/A123

Manufacturing and workmanship:BS449 or AISC

Welding standard:BSEN287,BSEN288 or equivalent


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