"Opinions" announced that LED lighting companies entered the competition period

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other six departments jointly announced the "Semiconductor Lighting Energy Conservation Industry Development Opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). The "Opinions" pointed out that in the future, we will focus on the development of indoor lighting, parking tunnels, roads, automotive lighting, and special fields such as medical and agricultural development and promotion of LED products, and improve the relevant service system.
"The introduction of "Opinions" is a major positive for the semiconductor lighting industry, which is conducive to further enlargement and strengthening of the LED industry and seize the commanding heights of the industry." On October 29, Huo Yunpeng, Secretary General of the Shenzhen LED Industry Association, accepted the "China Sankei" The news reporter pointed out in an interview.
In recent years, the LED lighting industry has become the "darling" of the market with its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and longevity, and has maintained a high growth rate. But then its side effects began to show up. Many companies are flocking to the market, 70% of which are concentrated in the downstream industry, and the technical level and product quality are uneven.
These issues have also attracted the attention of senior management. The "Opinions" pointed out that although China's semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry has made positive progress, it still faces many problems that need to be solved urgently. For example, the overall level of the industry is low, patents and core technologies are lacking, and low-level blind investment is a serious phenomenon.
In other words, the "Opinions" are standardizing the original local policies, so that they no longer only focus on the "application" level, but more on guiding the orderly competition of the industry. Thereby guiding the LED lighting industry from the original "introduction period" into the "competition period". According to the "Opinions" plan, the state will organize the implementation of semiconductor lighting pilot demonstration projects, and support the merger and reorganization of advantageous enterprises, improve the industrial concentration and scale, and cultivate a number of leading enterprises and well-known brands.
"And those companies with poor foundations and insufficient scientific research capabilities are bound to be eliminated in the increasingly fierce competition." Huo Yunpeng said. He also reminded those enterprises that are marching into the "gold rush" of the LED lighting industry to tailor their clothes and must not blindly invest in the immediate interests.

In essence, many of the original companies have swarmed, which has also caused the lack of core technology in China's LED lighting industry. The price of products has remained high and it is difficult to promote it among ordinary consumers. "It is a bit difficult for ordinary consumers to buy LED lamps with a price of up to 100 yuan. If the price does not fall, it is difficult for LED lamps to enter ordinary people's homes." Liu Zhen, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Hengzhiyuan Electric Co., Ltd. This view was confirmed in an interview with the reporter of China Sankei Shimbun.
"Because of this, although our company has long been concerned about the LED indoor lighting, but because the product price is too high, the market is difficult to promote, so we did not dare to rush into the market, has been in the state of concern." Liu Zhen said.
However, with the introduction of the "Opinions", after the LED lighting industry enters the competition period, its unattainable price will also drop. This also just dispelled Liu Zhen’s concerns in entering this field.
With competition, products will be closer to market demand. Through sufficient market competition, the price of LED lighting products will fall to the price acceptable to ordinary consumers. "Time may take about 5 years." Huo Yunpeng made a time estimate for the reporter.
Wu Chuyu, vice chairman of the China Lighting Society, is more confident. He said in an interview with the China Sankei Shimbun that the cost of LED lighting products will fall by at least 80% in two or three years.
Then, how can existing enterprises achieve this goal in competition? One industry insider gives suggestions: The best countermeasure for the majority of small and medium-sized LED lighting companies is to focus on the development of new products when funds permit. , patent application and quality system establishment and improvement; at the same time grasp all market opportunities that can be seized, make products and projects well; adjust the company's market and product positioning, highlight its own advantages, and other upstream and downstream enterprises Establish strategic alliances to jointly develop and expand the market

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