Enerdyne India uses Taiwanese packaging line for high-power LEDs

India - In a move that aims to bring about a significant and much needed change in the way high power LEDs are sold and consumed in the rapidly growing Indian market, Enerdyne Devices ( http:// ) has entered into a Marketing arrangement with Prolight Opto Technology , a speciality LED packaging company headquartered in Taipei.

There is a growing interest amongst many Indian LED lighting companies who are looking for low cost, yet highly reliable LED packages that may be available off-the-shelf, irrespective of their order quantities being large or small.

Ranjan Gupta, Managing Director of Enerdyne, says, We are really excited about this tie-up with Pro Light Opto. It gives us the opportunity to bring a wide range of technologically superior LED products to the Indian market and to share global expertise in the Field of high power LED with design engineers and lighting companies in India. It shall be our endeavour to make available full engineering solutions, including optics, drivers and thermal management to all our customers in India.

Michael Hsing, President of Prolight Opto says, We're valuable to lighting manufacturers for we provide total solutions. Lighting manufacturers usually know little about optics, thermal and current-drive issues related to LED. So, we tap our know-how in these Three areas to design lighting solutions to suit specific needs", he adds.

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