Tender notice for construction of high-voltage power grid and wall lighting line renovation project

Tender No.: JGX2009Z010 (SB01)
Tendering Agent: Jilin Province Guangxin Tendering Co., Ltd. Owner: Siping Prison, Jilin Province Registration Deadline: 2009-07-22
Area: Jilin Industry: Water Conservancy Bridge Construction, Energy Chemical, Electrical and Electronic Equipment

1. Bidding conditions The project for the high-voltage power grid and wall lighting line renovation of Siping Prison in Jilin Province has been approved by the Jilin Provincial Prison Administration. The project owner is Siping Prison in Jilin Province. The construction funds come from the self-raised enterprises. The project investment ratio is self-raised. The tenderee is Siping Prison in Jilin Province. The project has already met the conditions for bidding, and the construction of the project is now open for public bidding.

2. Project overview and bidding scope
2.1 The main construction content is the renovation project of high voltage power grid and wall lighting circuit.
2.2 Construction period: It is scheduled to start on July 31, 2009 and be completed on September 15, 2009.
2.3 Bidding scope: The list and drawings of the high-voltage power grid and wall lighting circuit renovation project contain all the parts.
2.4 Construction site: No. 2 West Street, Shiling Town, Lishu County, Jilin Province
2.5 Quality Standard: Qualified project in line with the national “Consolidation Standard for Construction Engineering Quality Acceptance” and related standards.

3. Bidder qualification requirements
3.1 The bidder shall have the safety and technical protection issued by the provincial public security organ to prevent the design and construction qualification of the second level and above.
3.2 Familiar with and master the relevant regulations and standards of the “Superior Power Grid Device of the Supervisory System” (GA247-2000); the bidder must use the intelligent high-voltage power grid master that is suitable for the prisoner of the prison for inspection by the inspection agency designated by the Ministry of Public Security. Equipment (see “The main functions of the intelligent high-voltage power grid main control equipment” proposed by the tenderer); and can provide 3 performance data for successful use in the prison, of which Jilin Province prison should not be less than one, equipment manufacturer It shall be promised to provide technical support and after-sales service guarantee to the bidder; the bidder shall provide the test report of the contract, quality inspection (supervision) department capable of proving the successful performance of the intelligent high-voltage power grid main control equipment or the proof of the good operation of the use unit. The tenders of the intelligent high-voltage power grid main control equipment invested by the bidders in the Jilin Province prison system will not be accepted. According to Document No. 138 of the Prison Bureau of the Ministry of Justice (2001), the tenderee will be special for the products of Yunnan Wuhua Prison and China Ruida System Equipment Company.
3.3 This tender does not accept joint bidding.
3.4 Construction enterprises from other provinces also need to go to the Jilin Provincial Construction Hall on the 4th floor of the Jilin Provincial Government Affairs Hall (No. 287, Guiyang Street, Changchun City) to apply for the “Jilin Province Jiji Construction Enterprise Enterprise Registration Certificate” to participate in the bidding.
3.5 Enterprises or individuals who refuse to be included in the government's bad behavior record participate in the bidding

4. Acquisition of bidding documents
4.1 Anyone who intends to participate in the bidding shall be from June 30, 2009 to July 6, 2009 (except statutory public holidays and legal holidays), daily from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm, 13:00 pm By 16:00 (Beijing time, the same below), in the Jilin Provincial Government Affairs Hall (No. 287, Guiyang Street, Changchun City), the unit will introduce the bidding documents. After the bidder purchases the documents, the bidder shall, in accordance with the performance requirements of the “Bidder's Qualification Requirements”, be sent to the bidding agency three days before the opening of the bid, and the bidder shall examine it.
4.2 The price of each set of bidding documents is 1,000 yuan, and the tenders will not be returned after being sold. The deposit for the drawings is 300 yuan and will be refunded when the drawings are returned (without interest).
4.3 For mail order tender documents, an additional handling fee (including postage) of 50 yuan is required. The tenderee shall send it within 2 days after receiving the unit introduction letter and mail order payment (including handling fee).

5. Submission of bid documents
5.1 Deadline for submission of bid documents (bid deadline, the same below) is 11:00 on July 22, 2009, at the sixth floor of the Government Affairs Hall of Jilin Province (287 Guiyang Street, Changchun City)
5.2 The tender documents that are delivered late or not delivered to the designated place will not be accepted by the tenderee.
5.3 Bidder applicants shall provide a bid bond of RMB 20,000 in accordance with relevant regulations when submitting bid documents.
5.4 When there are less than three valid bidders, the tenderer will organize a separate tender.
5.5 When the bidder's valid bid price exceeds the bid price set by the tenderer of 1.45 million yuan, the bid price is regarded as invalid quote.

6. Contact Information Tenderer: Siping Prison, Jilin Province Address: Shiling Town, Lishu County, Jilin Province Post Code: 136505
Contact: Dou Zhaohui Telephone Fax Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Lishu County Branch Shilingzi Branch Office Tendering Agency: Jilin Province Guangxin Tendering Co., Ltd. Address: Room 817, Chenguang International Building, No. 5 Puyang Street, Changchun City, Zip Code: 130012
Contact: Jiao Yuan Telephone Fax Bank: Bank of China Xinmin Street Branch Account of Changchun City

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