How easy is the human-machine interface?

The human-machine interface product consists of hardware and software. The hardware part includes the processor, display unit, input unit, communication interface, data storage unit, etc. The performance of the processor determines the performance of the HMI product and is the core of the HMI. unit. Depending on the product class of the HMI, the processor can use 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit processors, respectively. The HMI software is generally divided into two parts, namely, the system software running in the HMI hardware and the screen configuration software (such as the JB-HMI screen configuration software) running under the Windows operating system of the PC. Users must first use HMI's screen configuration software to create "project files", and then download the compiled "project files" to the HMI processor through the serial communication port of the PC and HMI products.

Basic functions of human-machine interface products and basic functions of selection indicators: Equipment working status display, such as indicators, buttons, text, graphics, curves and other data, text input operations, print output production recipe storage, equipment production data record simple logic And numerical calculation can be connected to a variety of industrial control equipment network selection indicators: display size and color, resolution HMI processor speed performance input method: touch screen or membrane keyboard screen storage capacity, pay attention to the manufacturer's marked capacity unit is the word Whether (byte) or bit (bit) The type and number of communication ports, whether it supports printing function

Human-machine interface product classification The HMI of the membrane key input has a display size of less than 5.7 ËŠ, and the screen configuration software is free, which is a primary product. For example, POP-HMI small human-machine interface touch screen input HMI, display size is 5.7ËŠ~12.1ËŠ, screen configuration software is free, is a medium-level product based on tablet PC computer, a variety of communication ports, high-performance HMI, display size More than 10.4 ËŠ, the screen configuration software charges, is a high-end product.

The use of the human-machine interface clearly monitors the task requirements, selects the appropriate HMI product, edits the “project file” on the PC with the screen configuration software, and saves the edited “project file”. The PC connects to the HMI hardware and downloads the “project file”. "Connect HMI and industrial controllers (such as PLCs, meters, etc.) to the HMI to achieve human-computer interaction.

1. What is the difference between the human-machine interface and the “touch screen” that people often say?

Strictly speaking, there is a fundamental difference between the two. Because the "touch screen" is only the hardware part that may be used in the human-machine interface product, it is an input device that is installed on the front end of the display screen instead of the mouse and keyboard part function; and the human-machine interface product is a kind of hardware and software. Human-computer interaction device. In the industry, people who have touch input functions are often referred to as "touch screens", but this is unscientific.

2. What is the difference between the man-machine interface and the configuration software?

Man-machine interface products, often referred to as "touch screen", contain HMI hardware and corresponding dedicated screen configuration software. Under normal circumstances, different manufacturers' HMI hardware uses different screen configuration software, and the main equipment type connected is PLC. . The configuration software is a general-purpose tool software product running on the PC hardware platform and the Windows operating system. It can also form an HMI product together with a PC or an industrial computer. The general configuration software supports a wide variety of devices, such as various types. PLC, PC board, instrument, inverter, module and other equipment, and because of the powerful performance of the PC hardware platform (mainly in the speed and storage capacity), the general configuration software is also much more powerful, suitable for large-scale monitoring In the system.

3. Is there an operating system in the HMI product?

Any HMI product has a system software part. The system software runs in the HMI processor and supports multi-tasking. The processor needs to run a small operating system management system software. In the high-performance human-machine interface products based on tablet computers, general-purpose embedded operating systems such as WinCE and Linux are generally used.

4. Can the man-machine interface only be connected to the PLC?

not like this. Human-machine interface products are produced to solve the human-computer interaction problem of PLC. However, with the development of computer technology and digital circuit technology, many industrial control devices have serial communication capabilities, so industrial control equipment with serial communication capability is only needed. For example, inverters, DC governors, temperature control instruments, and digital acquisition modules can be connected to human-machine interface products to realize human-computer interaction functions.

5. Can the man-machine interface be connected to other devices through the standard serial communication port?

This is the case in most cases. However, with the development of computer and digital circuit technology, the interface capability of human-machine interface products is getting stronger and stronger. In addition to the traditional serial (RS232, RS422/RS485) communication interface, some human-machine interface products already have data interfaces such as network port, parallel port and USB port, which can be used in industries with interfaces such as network port, parallel port and USB port. The control devices are connected to realize the human-machine interaction of the devices.

6. Is there a device with communication function that can be connected to the HMI product?

It should be like this. Because the universal human-machine interface products provide a large number of common device communication drivers to be selected; in general, as long as the communication driver corresponding to the connected device is selected in the screen configuration software of the human-machine interface, The communication connection between the HMI and the device can be completed. If there is no communication driver to connect the device in the configuration software of the selected HMI product, the user can inform the manufacturer of the HMI product of the type of communication port and the protocol content of the device to be connected, and ask the HMI manufacturer to compile the communication driver of the device. program.

7, PC plus touch screen, can communicate directly with the PLC, complete the HMI function?

of course can. However, the corresponding HMI software must be compiled to make the PC a true HMI product.

8. What is the future development trend of human-machine interface?

With the development of digital circuits and computer technology, the future high, medium and low division of human-machine interface products will become less and less obvious, and the functions of HMI will become more and more abundant; HMI products of 5.7 inches or more will be all It is a color display and the life of the screen will be longer. Due to the reduction of computer hardware costs, HMI products will be based on tablet PCs as the high-end products of HMI hardware, because of the high-end products in terms of processor speed, storage capacity, type and number of communication interfaces, networking capabilities, and software resource sharing. Both have great advantages and are the development direction of future HMI products. Of course, small-sized (less than 5.7-inch display size) HMI products, due to their advantages in size and price, will be further enhanced in their functions (such as adding IO functions) in human-computer interaction applications for small mechanical devices. Widely used.

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