Zhaomingxin Technology: Bringing the Crystal Chip to the 2014 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Zhou Kaibo] High-profile LED industry event--2014 Gaogong LED Lighting Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall on September 26-28, Shenzhen Zhaomingxin Technology Holdings Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhaomingxin Technology") will exhibit products such as flip chip at the exhibition.

Founded in 2009, Shenzhen Zhaomingxin Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. is mainly based on the research and patent design of flip chip, and integrates a series of technologies and patent development integration from epitaxy, chip, package and application.

The early research and development team of Shenzhen Zhaomingxin Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. has first used the existing structural technology patents in the market to evade design. At present, it has successfully developed its own patents. In the design of flip chip, considering the chip process. Simplification, low production cost, high manufacturing yield, high heat dissipation efficiency and the possibility of high-volume package production, and extended to package-free chips. Change existing chip design concepts, increase effective illuminating areas and reduce shading area. The company has also completed mass production technology for a number of special processes. Therefore, the company is currently in the leading position in the research and development of flip chip LED chips and package-free chips.

The products exhibited by Zhaomingxin Technology are LED flip-chip chips and similar products in the market. The products of this project are based on the traditional flip-chip LED technology to develop a honeycomb flip-chip LED packaging technology with high thermal conductivity. Innovation without gold wire technology process. At the same time, the light-emitting channel and the post-adding process are simplified, and the subsequent process is completely COB-based and SMT-free, without intermediate equipment and processes.

At present, high-power LED street lamps are mainly realized by means of "multiple chips in series and parallel connection" and "multiple LEDs are connected in series through PCB". The former has not been widely used because of the need to match the photoelectric parameters between the chips, and the process unreliability and low package yield of multiple gold wire series and parallel packages. The latter requires strict photoelectric parameter matching for multiple LEDs, and optical design is difficult. Therefore, the "chip level" modular product is the future LED.

LED chips have gradually evolved toward flip chip and package process technologies. In the future, LED market will be dominated by flip-chip LEDs. Zhaomingxin Technology has successfully developed flip-chip LED chips and is in the leading position in the industry. With the establishment of industrial integration and industrial alliances, it has increased barriers to market entry barriers. It is estimated that in the environment where market demand continues to increase, the manufacturers participating in the industry alliance as a whole can share the benefits and live together. Based on the Chinese market, it will be promoted to the global market.

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