Calibration Analysis of Recorder in Telemeter

When forming a full-bridge circuit in a telemeter, each set of strain gauges should correspond to the input or output of the bridge, otherwise the bridge will be difficult to adjust the balance.

When attaching the output shaft of the reducer, the crank of the pumping unit should be in the vertical position, because only in this state, the torque on the output shaft is zero, so it is meaningful when calibrating the measured value of the instrument. If the strain gauge is not attached at this position, pre-torque is already stored on the shaft, which will cause measurement errors. The strain gauge foot code cannot be wrong, otherwise it cannot be measured correctly.

If the resistance of the strain gauge is 120 ohms, you should check whether the resistance value of each connection meets the value according to the figure. After checking, you can connect the battery and transmitter to measure the signal according to the figure. During the measurement, the transmitting block and the battery should be firmly fixed on the crank. In order to avoid the interference of the transmitted wave when the crank rotates, the launching wire should be wound at least one turn on the crank.

After adjusting the receiver and recorder (such as a light oscilloscope or function recorder), calibrate the recorder, that is, remove the connecting rod, and use the value recorded by the crank in the vertical position recorder as zero torque value. Then fix the crank in a horizontal position and record the corresponding value as the maximum torque. At this time, the torque received at one end of the crank shaft can be calculated.

If you don't use a special corrector, you can use the following formula to calculate the spare fixed resistance, connect this resistance in parallel with the arm of the bridge, and you can also calibrate ε. The value of the fixed resistance ruler can be derived according to the law of parallel resistance. Remove the hanging point load of the pumping unit without removing the connecting rod, and calibrate the maximum torque value of the output shaft.

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