Windows 10: A comprehensive management system for the Internet of Things

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the Windows system has been redesigned to play a central role in the Internet of Things. He said that the company's new Windows 10 operating system can comprehensively manage all aspects of the Internet of Things, from sensors, mechanical systems, to applications, to application-based analysis.

A few days ago, at the Symposium/ITxpo seminar organized by Gartner, Nadella said that Windows 10 is the first step of a new generation of Windows systems, not another Windows version after Windows 8.

Nadella, who was named Microsoft CEO earlier this year, said that Windows is not just an operating system for tablets, phones and computers, but a platform that can actually operate where many general-purpose computing will become important.

"The characteristics of future Windows systems - management capabilities and security will be more advantageous, for example, when users consider how to make heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems unable to be invaded."

This is the first time Nadella has participated in the Symposium/ITxpo seminar. It is reported that the conference has a total of 8,500 participants, including about 3,000 CIOs.

Windows 10: A comprehensive management system for the Internet of Things

At the meeting, Nadella also answered questions raised by many participants. When someone asked Nadella "when will you make your license agreement easier and more understandable," the audience applauded and applauded. Nadra answered and explained this question. He said: "The complexity of the license agreement is partly the result of trying to cater to the infinite flexibility of the customer, but if you use a unified license agreement, there will be other problems. In my opinion, we have no doubt to listen carefully. Feedback, find ways to achieve a certain degree of progress in customer satisfaction, if we can not provide quality services, we will no longer exist."

This is a great opportunity for attendees to measure Nadella and compare him to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Nadella also showed his difference with Ballmer during the conference, especially when answering questions from Gartner analysts. The question is - "What happened to Windows 9". If it is Ballmer, he may answer this question with a typical "violent" and humorous style. Nadella decisively responded quickly: "It comes and goes." A short sentence ended the topic altogether, and Gartner analysts broke the idea of ​​continuing to ask questions, and the audience was so eager to let the audience endure. Humor.

Obviously, Nadella touted Windows 10 at the seminar because Phil Elliott, director of application development at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, also attended the seminar. Elliott pointed out: "We will not make any decisions related to Windows 10 quickly. We will let the dust settle slightly and then look at the situation."

Frank Elmore, chief information officer at Orange County Public Schools in Florida, said that Ballmer's personality sometimes hinders him from communicating Microsoft's information, while Nadella talks about Microsoft in a concise, resonating way.


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