Dazu Yuanheng won the bid for the largest LED display project in Guizhou

Recently, in the bidding process of the LED display project of Guiyang International Conference Center, Dazu Yuanheng stood out from the bidders and successfully won the bid. This project consists of three large patch screens with a pixel pitch of 6mm and a display area of ​​177. Pingmi is the largest LED display project in Guizhou and the largest indoor high-density project in China.

As a large-scale LED display project, it has attracted many well-known display manufacturers to participate. The tenderer has selected the cooperation units through multi-party inspection and comprehensive scoring. Our company relies on advanced independent research and development capabilities, strong production scale and quality control, regardless of its The number of indoor high-density screen cases has been favored by customers, and the success of this project has also become a great driving force for the Han nationality in the field of indoor screens.

In the field of high-density LED display in the room, Dazu Yuanheng has always been the leader, not only the high-density screen with 3.5mm pixel pitch is widely used in the developed cities around the world to develop the ultra-high-density screen indoors with a pixel pitch of 2mm for the first time. Dazu Yuanheng confirmed his research and development strength with a high-density case.

In addition to accumulating a series of large-scale LED display cases, Dazu Yuanheng's sales channels and after-sales service network are also spread across major cities in the country, which also allows customers to avoid worries. With the successful operation of projects such as Guiyang Telecom Building and Anshun Telecom Building, Dazu Yuanheng will achieve more classics in the display market in Guizhou.

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