Apple China suppliers denied that they forced the resignation of disabled employees

An employee just left yesterday (February 17). He said that before he left, he signed an agreement with the company. One of them was clear: after leaving the company, the company and the employees have no relationship, and the body after the employee The situation is not related to the company. The employee said that he did not want to leave his job. He only wanted to ask the company to change jobs. However, the company has not given a clear answer so far, and he has to choose to leave. The employee said that if the agreement is not signed, the company will not pay him compensation. In the end, the company paid him 70,000 yuan in compensation, in addition to insurance, wages, etc., a total of about 90,000 yuan.

Yesterday (February 17), the report reported that Apple acknowledged that Chinese supplier employees were physically damaged due to exposure to n-hexane, and the report caused widespread concern.


The union chairman expressed sympathy

At noon yesterday, the reporter interviewed Jia Jingchuan, a poisoning employee of Lianjian Technology. Yesterday (February 17), he and his colleague Hu Zhiyong still went to work at the company. "Just when I got to work, the supervisor came to me and asked who said it, and we asked for compensation after we left." Jia Jingchuan said, "I told the supervisor about the situation. He said that he would reflect the problem to his superiors."

The chairman of the Lianjian Science and Technology Labor Union also looked for Jia Jingchuan in his personal name and colleagues' relationship yesterday morning. Jia Jingchuan told the reporter the contents of the conversation: "The chairman of the trade union said that everyone and everyone have different perspectives. He expressed sympathy and condolences to us as colleagues." Jia Jingchuan believes that the trade unions have little effect in dealing with employee poisoning incidents.


Netizen exposes the company to hide the truth

The reporter noted that on August 3, 2009, Lianjian Technology was exposed by the netizen named Yanyu Jiangnan Bridge on Baidu to expose the company’s “Private Personal Medical Report”. The post said: “The company has a series of things to let People panicked, and the hexane poisoning incident happened one after another. For the sake of their own body, we personally (at their own expense - reporter's note) went to the physical examination, and the result was taken away by the company when they went to take the medical checklist."

At 22:00 on August 5, an "enthusiasm netizen" followed the post: "Since the operation of the n-hexane pharmacy in the self-modeling five-ply station, there have been five employees suffering from hexane poisoning... July 20, model five All the return air outlets and the wind shower doors were opened, and all the hexanes were collected in a short time, and they were quickly hidden in unknown places. When the employees were surprised, the 'Health Bureau and The Labor Bureau came to check the news, when employees knew that hexane was toxic."


The party denied that the employee was forced to leave

Yesterday (February 17), the reporter interviewed a number of responsible persons of Lianjian Technology. It is obvious that these responsible persons have already known that the media is paying attention to this matter and are extremely cautious and brief when answering reporters' questions.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed Zhang Lisheng, who was called "the big supervisor" by the staff. He said that he was in a meeting and told reporters: "N-hexane has been discontinued in 2009. You can ask the public in charge. Mr. Dai, who is hygienic.” The reporter called Mr. Dai, and he said: “We did not force the employees to leave. But the news release of this incident has been handed over to the Propaganda Department of the Jiangsu Industrial Park Management Committee. You ask them.” The reporter repeatedly called the Information Department of the Industrial Park Management Committee, but the phone was never answered.


Apple has no more information to post

Yesterday (February 17) afternoon, Ms. Huang Yuna, responsible for public relations at Apple China, said in an interview: "We have seen this report, but currently Apple has a report on the progress of supplier responsibility in 2010. If there is only this matter, we have no more comments to post.

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