Industry's first digital input audio amplifier (ST)

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( ), the world's first digital input audio amplifier chip TDA7801. Thanks to the direct connection of digital audio playback devices, the new product eliminates the analog-to-digital conversion process of audio signals, improving sound quality, noise immunity, system design simplicity and reliability.

As the industry's first automotive digital input audio amplifier chip, The TDA7801 caters to the future of automotive development towards pure digital mainframes and audio systems. The innovative TDA7801 offers even more advantages than existing analog input and digital to analog converter solutions.

Whether it is dynamic range or signal-to-noise ratio (from about 90dB to more than 105dB), The new power amplifier chip TDA7801 takes the sound quality of car audio to a whole new level, and the amplifier itself does not produce any noise when the car battery voltage is transient. By eliminating the analog lines on the car audio circuit board, the noise immunity is greatly improved. For example, the interference of the mobile phone network to the sound quality of the car can be effectively eliminated. .

The advanced manufacturing process used in the TDA7801 helps improve the reliability and durability of car audio systems, reducing product warranty issues and failure rates in real-world applications. In addition, the new products are equipped with the most advanced diagnostic features. In 2000, the first to integrate diagnostic functions in the power amplifier chip, this feature has become the industry standard. Embedded diagnostic tools help improve the quality and reliability of car audio systems and reduce product warranty issues by recording any unexpectedly erroneous connections that can damage the amplifier.

more importantly, The pure digital audio power amplifier chip reduces the number of active and passive components, simplifies system design, and saves system and manufacturing costs.

TDA7801 is The first product in the new family of digital audio power amplifiers, New members of the series are being added: including the Class-SBi version of the TDA7801 ( Patented energy efficiency products with power consumption up to the lowest level except Class D) and a breakthrough digital input Class D amplifier solution to further reduce power consumption.

As the industry's largest recognized audio power amplifier manufacturer, It currently accounts for 55% of the automotive audio power amplifier market. *

Samples of the TDA7801 are available now, with volume production scheduled for the second quarter of 2009.

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