The 49-inch new television to be released by the microwhales is said to have appeared in Ode to Joy.

Today, on March 21st, Little Whale TV held a conference in Shanghai and released the "55-inch PRO" smart TV. It took less than two months in the past, and micro-whales have to launch new televisions!

The author inquired from the website of the National Quality Certification Center that the micro-whale TV had just obtained a TV model production certificate. The issuance time was April 26th.

This product name is "Whale TV", which includes W49F, W49H, and W49K. It's not yet clear what this TV is supposed to be, but it's certainly certain that the screen size of this TV is 49 inches. However, it is strange that the Micro Whale TV recently launched a 50-inch smart TV. The 49-inch screen appears to be in the same position as the previous 50-inch screen. It is not known what the micro whale is.

Configuration, I suspect that this 49-inch TV is likely to continue W50J configuration, still 4K screen, continue to carry MSTAR (Morning Star) 64-bit chip 6A828, 4-core 1.5GHz Cortex A53CPU, built-in 2GB memory 16GB flash memory, and support H .265 hard decoding.

In terms of content, sports content is likely to be added to the already launched micro-whale TV. TV dramas will also increase further.

In addition, the micro-whale 49-inch TV is OEM by TCL, such as the traditional television manufacturers such as TCL OEM, presumably quality and workmanship should not be too bad.

Microwhale TV has been making every effort to expand its business. In the recent hit "Ode to Joy" TV series, the home of 2201 owner Qufu, hangs on the wall is the micro-whale smart TV.

In addition, Little Whale TV has recently become an official partner with the Premier League's Manchester City football team, and the two sides will carry out multiple cooperation in the field of sports. It is reported that the consortium behind the micro-whale TV, the Chinese Culture Group CMC, is also a shareholder of the Manchester City football team. With such a strong resource support, it is believed that the micro-whale TV can produce a true “ball watching artifact”.

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