What are the reasons for the price of solar LED street lights?

Since the advent of solar street lamps, the price of solar street lamps has become the focus of attention. So about the cost of solar street lights, let's talk about this issue now.

1. Solar panel costs

The cost of the panel is relatively high. Basically, the cost of a solar panel will account for half of the cost of the entire solar street. Nowadays, various manufacturers are using different technologies to reduce the cost in this area. However, there is no more effective method so far. I believe that if this problem can be solved, our solar street lamp penetration rate will be even higher.

2. The cost of LED lights

This cost is not very high, but it is still expensive compared to ordinary lamps, so we rarely use it in ordinary households.

3. Battery cost

Almost the battery also accounts for one-third of the cost of the entire street lamp, mainly because the battery is good and bad will have a direct impact on the length of the lighting. Therefore, we must choose a battery with excellent quality when choosing solar street lamps.

4. Overall bracket cost and installation cost.

The cost of this aspect needs to be determined according to the actual installation location.

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