How to Watch TV Live from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan? Program source custom tutorial!

Small micro-broadcast is a good thing. With it, we can not only see TV programs from CCTV, provincial TV stations, and local stations at all levels, but even foreign TV stations can easily watch it. How to use small microbroadcast? How can I add it to our network set-top box or smart TV? Here we specifically talk about the micro live broadcast add live player method.

Small micro broadcast official website address:
Online Download Small Live Streaming: Small Live Streaming.apk

1. Through the online installation above or directly in the sofa butler search "XW" to find "little micro-live", click to download and open, 6M less than the volume is very small.

2. Edit video source

The current micro live broadcast supports the identification of two types of custom channel files, the file name is tvlist.txt (compatible with Sohu live custom file) and the file with the suffix .tv. The content of the file is written in the form of "channel name + space + url". Or "channel name + comma + url" (note that all symbols must be in English)

3. Changed its name

Video source content format

Tip: Do not think it is very difficult to edit video sources, because now most of the live broadcast sources downloaded from the Internet are by default identifiable file formats, so they can be used without modification.

3, copy the file to the root directory of the U disk, then check the U disk to the TV box, start micro live broadcast into the live;

4. Press ok key to call up the channel list, press the left and right keys to find the custom channel, wait a few seconds until the custom channel is loaded and play it, and you can see the added program.

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