"Internet +" brings new vitality to the automotive industry

With the development of new technologies in the field of electronic information, new technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data are infiltrating into the traditional automobile industry. The cross-border “performance” of a large number of Internet companies has also brought unprecedented impact to the entire automotive industry. Some people have suggested that "Internet companies will eventually overturn the auto industry." In fact, when the smartphone represented by Apple completely destroyed the old giant Nokia, Tesla’s emergence made people feel the Internet’s glare for the auto industry. In addition, the traditional aftermarket service is full of price opacity. The disadvantages of non-standard services and low integrity management index make the car owners happy with the car life.

"Internet +" brings new vitality to the automotive industry

Of course, the rapid development of the “Internet +” in the aftermarket of automobiles has prompted the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries. The open business model of the automobile industry conforms to the trend of economic development in the era. Users choose to diversify and information becomes transparent. "Integrity management" and "quality service" have become the rules for the survival of the fittest. Then, under the Internet thinking with the user experience as the core, what changes do car companies need to make in product development and marketing? The big data-based Internet marketing model has become the mainstream, how should traditional car companies transform?

What is the key point in the transformation of the traditional automobile industry?

In the future, our travel modes will be dominated by self-driving electric vehicles. The parking lot in the city will become more parks, greenery, and the words such as drunk driving and fatigue driving will gradually disappear. In this regard, Chen Ping, chief engineer of Beiqi New Energy, said that the automobile manufacturing industry pays great attention to accumulation. In the future, the relationship between traditional car companies and Internet companies is a fusion, not a subversion. So if you let the traditional industry transform, where is the key point?

"Internet +" brings new vitality to the automotive industry

1. Innovation. The length of the product cycle in the automotive industry generally takes 3-5 years of research and development, and then the market is sluggish for 6 years without any meaningful improvement and innovation. The automotive industry is difficult to update quickly, essentially by their nature: automakers are becoming like system integrators. They only produce a small part of the car, and most of the key components are sourced from suppliers.

2. Electricization. Tesla, Google, Apple and other companies interested in entering the field have turned their attention to electric vehicles. There are many reasons for this. The most important thing is that electric engines are much simpler than internal combustion engines.

3. Soft power. Perhaps the most important shift in the automotive sector is the software trend, and future cars will be built more by software developers. In fact, the complexity of integrating many levels of software has made many traditional car companies stand out. After all, this is not their main area of ​​expertise, not to mention the way cars will be used in the future.

4. Big data. It is much more complicated to really achieve the goal of driverlessness, because the system must learn first. There are no ready-made rules that teach us how to program a car so that it predicts and ultimately avoids possible dangers. An effective autonomous driving system must use a machine learning system to develop complex, adaptable and multi-environment models. Machine learning systems require massive amounts of data to be optimal.

Regarding the current concept of Internet-making cars, Chen Ping believes that no matter how Internet technology is cited, the first attribute of the car is still “walking”. Many consumers are not as envisioned by Internet companies, but they still have a lot of driving pleasure. high demand.


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