Ma Huateng compares ofo to the “Phishong”ofo financing that has been abolished?

The shared bicycle industry has emerged as a new thing. Since the advent of the bicycle industry, operators have continued to compete and disputes have continued. Yesterday, Tencent’s CEO Ma Huateng became a hot topic in the circle of friends and Zhu Xiaohu’s debate on the “ofo” business model. The two big brothers are not only tit-for-tat attitudes, but Ma Huateng even more frankly compared the ofo to the “PHS” that was abolished, pointing directly to the problem. . As can be seen from the above review screenshots, the two big sisters' disputes were triggered by Zhu Xiaohu's data news about ofo leading industries, and Ma Huateng bluntly questioned the degree of intelligence and business model of OFO. Zhu Xiaohu insists that the shared bicycle industry is just a cost-effective battle. It can be seen that, ofo mechanical locks not only criticized by the majority of users, lack of intelligent operating capabilities is also the reason that ofo is not favored as an investor of the Internet. Even if it is not yet possible to determine whether the arguments of the two sides are over who wins or loses, but Ma Huateng proposes that ofo lacks intelligent operational ability but is a fact, which is more worthy of consideration. As we all know, at present, the bicycle sharing industry is headed by Mobi, and each brand's bicycles are equipped with intelligent locks. Only one special case, ofo, is independent, and bicycles equipped with mechanical locks are available, and mass-produced and released mechanical lock bicycles. The reason why smart lock developed into the industry standard is not only because it can provide users with "mobile phone scan code, remote unlock" quick service, the more important reason is that the smart lock's GPS positioning function makes the smart lock become a bicycle, user The key entrance between the platform. Through a large amount of users' riding data provided by a smart lock, the platform can realize scientific scheduling and refined operation of bicycles based on accurate analysis of data information. In this regard, ofo's competitor, Mobai, has long been “intelligent” and has not only independently developed a smart lock for GPS+Beidou+Glonus’ three-mode positioning system, but also set up intelligent recommended parking spots in various cities, in order to interfere with public roads sharing bicycles. Traffic problems, active regulation of bicycle parking; artificial intelligence platform "magic" turned out, it is to help build the Mobiya Internet of Things system, to achieve a refined platform operations. At present, although ofo's mechanical locks save a certain amount of research and development costs, it is due to a fixed lock on the mechanical lock's password, resulting in a high proportion of private ownership of the small yellow car. It also allows children to ride free. Specialized, so that ofo once became a frequent disaster area of ​​child safety accidents, causing public opinion from all walks of life condemned. In this regard, although ofo has begun to put smart lock bicycles on the market, it was recently dismantled and evaluated by a certain clerk. The result did not reveal what it called the “Beidou Smart Navigation Chip” and it could not achieve accurate positioning. Therefore, to achieve intelligent operations, from the smart lock, ofo has a long way to go. This discussion also exposed the core issues of ofo. It is said that ofo is also seeking a nearly 500 million US dollars in financing. The Exposure of Ofo may affect its investors. Do you not know ifo's financing is still a play? (Source: Legal and Social)