High Voltage Current-Limiting Fuse Use for Oil

Standard: UL
O-Oil high breaking capacity high voltage fuse current limit applies to exchange 50HZ.rated voltage 3.6-24KV.Rated at 200A(3.6kv),160A(7.2KV)125A(12KV).and the following power system .as transformers and other electrical equipment overload or short circuit protection used.the high voltage fuse with national and international standards. GB15166.2 work committee IEC282-1 Standard .as well as the british BS standards.

O-Color high voltage fuse plug and two bus wiring .installation of a small ,reliable and contacts to faciltate the replacement of the special characteristics of gunpowder in the parallel prob by the film made of sterling silver melt.and chemical treated the high purity quartz sand with the melting of the seal.melting of the high intensity color high temperature ceramic made of alumina.in-road to a fault.melt melted in electric arc melt in an instant.with the impact melt parallel with the high resistance metal wire to fuse.gunpowder ignited a high pressure will probe the rapid pop up.promote chain of electrical contact .issued automatically switch fuse or circuit signal the high voltage fuse with tightness.and low power consumption.high breaking capacity.fast action.the protection of the advantages of good.
High Voltage Current-Limiting Fuse Use for Oil
High Voltage Current-Limiting Fuse Use for OilHigh Voltage Current-Limiting Fuse Use for Oil

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