Behind 95% of the praise, how does the media view the Meizu EP51 headset?

After the listing of Meizu EP51 headphones, users and people have given high praise. Jingdong Mall has a high praise rate of 95%. This 269 yuan earphone not only has a Bluetooth headset, but also has a configuration. The Apt-X sound quality experience and intimate design reflect higher quality, so the low price gives the user a surprise. In the face of a number of professional evaluations, how does the technology media evaluate the Meizu EP51 headset?

At the same time, the appearance continues the high value of Meizu. At the same time, the performance of the headphones is still all-powerful, and the sports commute can take care of both. "On the basis of low price and beautiful appearance, EP51 gives people a lot of surprises in terms of level of detail and experience; as for the sound, it is in the mainstream mobile phone plug level, and the EP51 price cut point is really stable. Warranty, open the non-universal Taobao, filter related keywords; very tragic discovery of the shape of the bluetooth sports headphones sold at 700-1000 float, the price of 200 looks beautiful affects the mood. I really have to feel Meizu this The company is very smart." Sina Technology is so evaluation.

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After evaluating the Meizu EP51 headset, Sohu Technology said: "The special thing about this headset is that Meizu has added a strong magnetic anti-slip design on the outside of this headset. It is easy to put the two earplugs together gently. Sucking together, this design won my heart. When I wear this earphone, I suddenly can't listen to the song, I can also hang the earphone directly on the neck, then the headphones are attracted to each other, just like wearing it on my neck. A ring, with such a thoughtful design, I am no longer afraid to put my headphones in nowhere."

In terms of sound quality, the EP51 uses a 8.6 mm diameter speaker with a maximum power of 10 mW, an impedance of 16 Ω, and a frequency response range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. Referring to these hardware parameters, combined with their actual sense of hearing, Geek Park's editing experience believes that "EP51's vocal performance is more surprising, but there is a lack of low-frequency dive and high-pitched extensions. Listen to some podcasts while running. And pop music is still competent. EP51 supports aptX audio encoding, in short, it allows the Bluetooth headset to transmit higher bit audio, which is comparable to the sound quality of "CD". ”

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The quality of the EP51 headphones, Zhongguancun online headset professional evaluation also gave a good evaluation. "In terms of sound performance, this product has a very balanced sound performance, slightly more in the low frequency part, can bring more excellent rhythm and low-frequency surround feeling for the user, for the fitness user, excellent The low frequency performance can also bring a better sense of substitution for fast-paced music, and is also needed by users of many sports headphones. For users who use it daily, the medium and high frequency also maintains a fairly high level. The IF is slightly more prominent, more emotional, and maintains good transparency at high frequencies. For regular pop music, there is a very good expressiveness regardless of the type."

Comprehensive understanding of similar products on the market, Pacific computer evaluation insisted that Meizu EP51 headphones have many advantages in the same kind: "This Bluetooth headset can be said to be a new attempt of Meizu in the field of headphones, of course, the world has never been There is no perfect product (even if Apple has such a dix manufacturer, there is no one product that can be said to be perfect), excellent work can be said that Meizu has been pursuing things, and now the work of this Bluetooth headset is worth our trip. Certainly, and the design is also full of Meizu's own elements, not blindly copying others, but using the phrase "Designed by Meizu" to interpret their own aesthetic concepts. For the price of 269 yuan, I think in the sports Bluetooth headset market This headset is still quite advantageous."

meizu ep51 headphone

The EP51 is a high-quality, comfortable-to-wear Bluetooth sports headset. The color of the trend and the superior sound quality are definitely a very competitive product in the sports Bluetooth headset market. With it, it is easy to be happy and lose weight. It is worthy of the best-selling sports CP, another popular lover in the Meizu accessories family.

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