Flagship configuration one step ZUK Z2 Pro only 1899 yuan

[IT168 what is worth buying] With the maturity of the mobile phone industry and the transparency of the supply chain, consumers are increasingly pursuing mobile phone brands and even component brands. We buy mobile phones, often look for the processor if Qualcomm Xiaolong, the camera if Sony / Samsung, the screen if Samsung, etc., such a mobile phone is usually expensive. But now the opportunity has come, the Lenovo ZUK Pro Ultimate Z1P can start at 1899 yuan (order full 1100 reduction by 200 yuan), full blood version of Snapdragon 820 processor, with 4GB storage +64GB storage, brings together the top ten professional The sensor becomes the flagship mobile phone with the strongest comprehensive strength!

11/28 Day Value Product Recommendation (Price is for reference only)

ZUK Z2 Pro

4GB+64GB, Affordable
1899 yuan [View] 6GB+128GB, the strongest configuration 2199 yuan [View] recent value models recall charm blue metal 2.5D glass, ten-core processor, clearance processing 646 yuan [View] Millet 4c Andrews Little Prince, Xiao Long 808, super cost-effective 699 yuan [View] Millet Note 5.7-inch big screen, double-sided glass, MIUI system 888 yuan [View] Millet Max value of the big screen machine, millet produced 999 yuan [View] Huawei mate 7 Domestic large Screen myths, now fall to the thousand yuan level 1095 yuan [View] ZUK Z2 cheapest Qualcomm 820 flagship, scared to death 1299 yuan millet [View] Millet 5 support Mi Pay credit card convenience, clearance diving price 1559 yuan [View]
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ZUK Z2 Pro's unique design, metal frame + back 3D arc glass design, look and feel crystal clear. At the same time, in the design of the Home button, the ZUK Z2 Pro also uses the five-in-one Home key control mode, not only to increase the custom key gesture function, but also to slide left and right to switch applications; touch to have a return function, long press to unlock the fingerprint .

Compared to the ZUK Z2, the ZUK Z2 Pro is still based on the Snapdragon 820 processor, supplemented with 6GB+128GB of storage, and uses a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED screen for an excellent look and feel. On the sensor side, the ZUK Z2 Pro has undergone major upgrades and incorporates ten professional motion sensors. It not only accurately collects daily exercise information, but also supports measurement of blood oxygen, heart rate, and ultraviolet light, helping users to understand environmental conditions and physical conditions at any time. , to guide users in scientific exercise.

In terms of photographing, the ZUK Z2 Pro uses a rear-mounted 13 million+ front-facing 8 million camera set. Among them, the rear main camera adopts Samsung's photosensitive element and supports ISOcell pixel isolation technology, which makes the screen more transparent and pure. Optical image stabilization is also supported, and night shots are enhanced. On the system, the ZUI equipped with it is also a bright spot. Its style is fresh and unique. It supports the synchronization of iOS data and facilitates user replacement.

At present, the Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro can start with a minimum of 1899 yuan, 4GB storage +64GB storage, brings together the top ten professional sensors, become a comprehensive cost-effective flagship mobile phone! If you are recently seeking an affordable flagship mobile phone, Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro Absolutely the best choice.

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