Dare to name the "picture quality flagship" where Hisense MU9600 is

[IT168 News] In 2016, the smart TV market finally embarked on the road to consumption upgrades. Its characteristic is that users pay more attention to the balance between large-screen image quality and Internet content, rather than the cheaper the better. The value of television's picture quality is prominent, and it is in line with the value of users. It comes down to two words: experience. In the second half of 2016, several major TV giants have launched the flagship products of the highest "quality" level, Samsung's KS9800, Sony's Z9D, and Hisense's MU9600. Hisense's MU9600 is even put forward the "picture quality flagship" of the flower name, then this product really has Japan and South Korea spike, the quality of the king's strength? Let us see what happens.

Hisense TV has always been the "technical school" of China's color TV industry. It is a leader in the industry from image quality engine chips to multi-zone backlight modules. MU9600, as a master of Hisense TV display technology, has applied the most advanced technologies of the moment: ULED3.0 multi-zone backlight technology, 3rd generation quantum dot technology, Hi-View Pro picture quality engine chip, and nano-level moth-eye biomimetic technology.

ULED technology is China's autonomous display technology, which has been promoted to the industry through 7 years of research and development of Hisense, and has more than 210 display technology patents. ULED 3.0 is the third-generation technology. It achieves 4096 brightness level control for each backlight through 12-bit fine lighting technology, which means that the picture quality performance is 4096 times that of traditional TV.

The third-generation quantum dot technology achieves 150% ultra-high color gamut. In contrast, Samsung KS series flagship products are still using second-generation quantum dot technology. It is worth mentioning that the third-generation quantum dot ultra-high color gamut technology brings more color, and also uses Hisense's own Hi-viewPRO scene engine chip to analyze and calculate the RGB value of each pixel. , Accurately restore the truest color of each pixel.

The nano-moth eye bionic technology has a screen protrusion of nanometer size, which is smaller and smaller than the moth eye bionic technology. The distribution is denser, the protrusion gap is smaller, the reflection effect is reduced to a minimum, and the viewing is more comfortable. Compared with the black crystal screen and ordinary moth-eye bionic technology, the nano-moth eye bionic technology makes the MU9600 screen body color display clearer, more realistic, and the level transition is more natural.

Although the positioning is "the flagship of the picture quality," the MU9600 is quite outstanding. The main Hi-sound stereo field achieves industry-leading levels of decoding and sound processing. The Dolby DD+ and DTS 2.0 dual decoding processing is compatible with Dolby Surround, plus Shanghainese's unique array of eight-drive speakers, which divides the complex mix into independent high, medium, and bass sounds, along with digital crossover technology. The sound tube is independently derived, with no mixing and no noise, ensuring that the sound quality is as pure as a symphony.

As the world's top three television companies, Hisense has greatly promoted the level of industrial design and introduced talented designers from around the world to enhance design tastes. These efforts are also reflected in the products. The overall appearance of the MU9600 is like a floating picture frame that looks like an oil painting in a closet. Picture frame base, front sound net cover, high-light diamond cutting border, simple rice texture, etc. The design quality of many detail points is almost paranoid, reaching the world-class face value.

As a pursuit of the ultimate smart TV, MU9600's Internet features throw off the few foreign brands in Japan and South Korea. VIDAA smart TV system supports voice recognition function, can adjust the progress, search for movies, TV shows, music, applications, weather, channels and other content, and the iPhone's Siri as interesting. The content includes rich content of several platforms such as China TV, iCNTV, iQiyi, and Tencent video. The HD movie source reaches 90%, with 1 million+ hours of genuine online library, and it is automatically updated every week. Gather together, gather together, enjoy learning, get together, get together, get together, and have a dedicated page for each major category.

In summary, the application of the quality technology of Hisense TV's MU9600 has indeed reached an internationally advanced level. It is really a positive technical war on Japanese and Korean brands in terms of product quality. Its image quality has been evaluated in a number of previous professional media evaluations. It is already reflected. MU9600 series is divided into two sizes, 55 inches and 65 inches, the market price of 1.2-1.8 million, more than 10,000 yuan will be able to move "picture quality flagship" into the living room. How is it tempting?

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