Comparable OLED Sony Dynamic LED flagship TV HX950 Reviews

1 Sony HX950 model profile back to the top

[PConline Review] Sony HX920 went on the market in March last year. At that time, it was quite a top quality model. In the next one and a half years, Sony has released HX750, HX850 and other models, but the 9 series has not been seen, combined with nearly a year Sony's strategic adjustment and reform of television business, Xiaobian original I think the 9 series TV may not show up again. However, eventually the HX950 was one of Sony's top series (the 84X9000 series was also the flagship, but the price was too high), and finally paid the price. This time coming to PConline evaluation room is its 55-inch model - Sony KDL-55HX950, while there will be 65-inch models.

Sony KDL-55HX950 Picture Series Evaluation Forum Quote Net purchase price

Sony HX950 compared with the predecessor, in addition to the machine, the base appearance of the process changes, the quality of the function is almost the same, including X-reality sharp image processing engine PRO, intelligent elite LED backlight (regional control light direct type LED backlight ), Motionflow four-speed drive 800 times speed function; but on the basis of the original omitted intelligent state sensor, the new network features on the HX950 and HX920 is not very different. In addition, the use of the new PVA panel, I believe it will give HX950 better picture quality performance.

basic configuration

Sony 55HX950 main parameters
Sony KDL-55HX950
Screen size/inch
Local light direct type LED
3D Technology Active Shutter Quality Function X-Reality PRO Image Engine, Motionflow XR800
Online application platform
SEN Online Application Center
Online video
China Digital Online Video Interface HDMI×4, USB×2 Power/W 205 Weight/kg
29.6kg (including base)
1280×7730×49mm (without base)
Reference price / yuan 19999 yuan

Key features introduced

For Sony's TVs, image quality is an indispensable point, and it is currently the most insistent vendor in this field. Among the many quality adjustment functions, the area-controlled direct light LED backlight is the most worthwhile to talk about. The LED light emitting particles are divided into several groups of squares. By independently controlling the brightness and darkness of dozens of groups of squares, Achieve high contrast like a self-luminous screen. At present, there are few direct-lit LED-backlit LCD TVs with localized light control on the market, only the Sony HX920, Sharp X50A, and X55A, and the direct-type LED backlight used in low-end TVs is a cost-saving product. It is not the same thing with local light control technology.

Direct-down LED backlight pictures from the network (non-HX920 physical)

In addition, X-Reality PRO sharp image processing engine PRO is the standard of Sony's high-end TV. This year only HX950 and HX850 are equipped. The PRO version adds a XCA7 database chip, which contains many real-world image data. It can compare the details of hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast when processing image information. It repairs the signal during compression and transmission. Possible loss of detail. Therefore, there has been a big increase in resolution and color reproduction.

Another advantage brought about by the area-controlled direct light LED backlight is the Motionflow double speed function, which achieves a more accurate and fast double-speed effect by cycling through five different stages of backlight scanning and interpolating frames, and can be regarded as a liquid crystal in double speed performance. One of the best models on the TV.

It is a pity that the HX950 has no new features compared to its predecessor, but copied the picture quality technology more than a year ago. Although for some television manufacturers, the picture quality technology can be updated slowly, but it is seen in Sony. The stagnation of this kind of technology is really a matter for Xiao Bian. On the other hand, the HX950 is equipped with a network function that can implement some simple applications such as Internet plug-ins and online video.

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2 Appearance Details Completely Natural | Foxconn OEM Back to Top

Appearance details

HX950 has some changes in the appearance, mainly reflected in the border edging details and base design changes, the edge of the chamfered edge added details, the base is the use of a circular arc-like metal texture design. Overall, however, Sony's natural style is totally natural, and there is no superfluous decoration.

In the frame, HX950 uses a beveled edge process, which is similar to the edge trimming process of iPhone5, iPad mini and other products. Because the same Foxconn OEM product, it is difficult to not think of the connection between the two. . The brushed metal edging enhances the TV's texture and is adorned with a Corning Gorilla glass on the front, which is twice as strong. The resin is filled between the glass plate and the panel, which reduces the reflection of external light. This is what Sony calls a black panel.

The base is one of the major changes in the HX950. It uses an arc-shaped support design with a chrome-plated imitation metal texture on the surface. The two rear support columns are similar to the HX850. The LOGO part adopts a light-transmitting design, and it will turn on white light automatically when it is turned on.

Look at the thickness of the fuselage, although the use of direct-type LED backlight, but in the thickness of the HX950 maintained at a good level, showing a part of the 55-inch maximum thickness of 4.9cm, while the HX920 is thinner to achieve 3.8cm, in the overall workmanship The phenomenon of not being a product of the previous generation is also shown at this point.

The back of the fuselage with a metal backplane is worth mentioning is the upper middle of the bass unit, by the reflection of the back wall, you can achieve a better virtual surround sound experience. The label on the back indicates that the HX950 is manufactured by Yantai, Shandong, so it can be judged to be produced by Foxconn OEM.

In the interface configuration, HX950 has HDMI×4, USB×2, VGA×1, 3.5mm audio input/output×1, video component×1, AV analog×2, fiber audio×1, LAN LAN×1, and large Some high-end TVs are the same, but also support wireless wifi and wifi direct direct connection.

The remote controller uses the same model RM-SD014 as the HX850 and HX750. It adds a shortcut key to the SEN Sony Application Center, highlighting the new network application features.

3 quality data instrument test back to the top

Quality data instrument test

First of all, we use the evaluation room professional instrument for Sony HX950 detailed test, in the test, we will adjust the Sony HX750 to the standard image mode, backlight adjustment to the brightest, we first record the measured data in the following table.

Sony 55HX950 quality test data
Sony 55HX950
Central brightness 473.72cd/m2 Average brightness 469.01cd/m2
ANSI contrast
2323.83: 1 color saturation (equivalent to NTSC) 79.43%

After professional color analyzer testing, we get the HX750's color saturation equivalent to 79.43% of the NTSC color gamut, this data is a relatively good level in the LCD TV, and Samsung's flagship model. The average brightness is 469.01cd/m2, which is one of the best in LCD TVs and even higher than that of the Samsung ES8000, which is related to the direct type LED backlight.

In terms of ANSI contrast, the HX950 has a very high performance, and the maximum brightness in the black block does not exceed 0.2 cd/m2, so the ANSI contrast ratio reaches 2323.83: 1, thanks to its ability to control light locally.

Under the black screen, the HX950 has a good uniformity. Because it is a direct-type LED, there is no problem of light leakage.

About the origin of the panel, we need to observe the sub-pixels to judge, the HX920's pixels are quite simple, consisting of the upper and lower two “field characters”, which are consistent with the Samsung ES8000 and ES7000, so this one panel can be judged to be adopted. Samsung's new specification PVA panel of PSA technology, this panel is only seen on Samsung high-end TV and HX950.

4 Grayscale | Black Bit | Dynamic | Color Back to Top

Grayscale, black bit real shot

Since the screen shot has undergone the necessary software processing and is affected by the actual effect of the netizens' display, the screen displayed on the screen will eventually differ from the actual effect of the TV. Therefore, the actual effect is based on the author's text description. The author used a Hi-Definition Reference Disc to test the picture quality of the TV. (Because of the different effects of different display devices, you can refer to the editor's main view method when you cannot judge the screen shot.)

The HX950 is capable of displaying all 15 gray scales, with a large gray scale, and good dark and light areas.

In the display of the black level, the HX950 can be said to be quite outstanding, not only can the black color go down, but also has a very good transition effect, which must benefit from the strong strength of the regional control light.

In the test contrast screen, the silk clothes of the black woman can be clearly distinguished from the black background, and the texture of the silk is obvious; the white woman is also distinguished from the background, showing the high quality level of the HX950.

High-speed dynamic screen real shot

In the double speed function HX950 has, ordinary, smooth, clear, clear +, pulse these stalls, in which the dynamic performance of the pulse is the most outstanding, but there is a loss of brightness and flicker, there is a kind of close to the plasma visual experience, at this point The HX950, 850, and 750 are all consistent. What is more special is that HX950 has a more complex process of fast backlight scanning, constantly changing five kinds of backlight forms at high speed, and using the power of regional light control to achieve extremely excellent dynamic effects.

In the high-speed continuous shooting of the camera, we can see the process of backlight scanning, and we can see the changes of the backlight in actual use.

Color screen real shot

Here are some groups of Blu-ray test disc screens about the colors. The HX950 is different from the HX750, HX850, etc. in the color reproduction. It changed the warmer style in the past but more neutral colors, and the color is even more restored. Please understand thoroughly.

In the restoration of the girl's facial complexion, it is natural that there is no reddish problem and the image is sharp and transparent.

5 area controlled light direct LED backlight test back to top

Regional light control test

The area controlled light direct type LED backlight is a prominent feature of the HX950. It divides the LED light emitting particles into groups of squares, and independently controls dozens of groups of light and dark squares, so that a high contrast like a self-luminous screen can be realized. In the menu there is LED dynamic control this option, you can choose to close, low, standard three files, the effect is quite amazing, the gear is adjusted to the standard "after", the "off" state, the bright part of the black will go down, And will not reduce the details.

LED dynamic control "OFF"

LED dynamic control "standard"

LED dynamic control "OFF"

LED dynamic control "standard"

LED dynamic control "OFF"

LED dynamic control "standard"

The powerful light control capability is represented by a GIF dynamic image. Under the full black screen, the author tests the response of the backlight by dragging the cursor. The actual effect makes the author amazing, but because the cursor is too small, it lights up to light the cursor. The larger LED area indicates that the partitioning of the local control light is still too large. In some cases, there is indeed a halo phenomenon.

In the actual trial, the HX950's local control light shows strong strength and is not just a gimmick. In most of the dark extreme pictures, the HX950 has made a better interpretation. The problem of oversized LED lights is believed to be a compromise. At the same time, controlling a large number of LED lights will impose a great burden on the processing circuit. Toshiba used the Cell processor as a display chip to produce a more partitioned X-series TV, but the price is very alarming and the market acceptance is not high.

6 Menu Interface Layout Back to Top

Menu interface layout

Sony HX950's main menu still follows the traditional XMA crossover operating system of BRAVIA TV. Simply put, the PS3 is a cross-shaped operation mode. There is also a window on the left side of the main menu that can display the contents of TV broadcasts in real time. You can continue to watch TV while you are functioning. It is very human. Responsiveness during operation, good animation feedback makes the menu operation process very straightforward.

Rich image parameter adjustment

The rich image quality adjustment option is a major feature of the Sony HX950, which is more than the high-end models such as the HX750. In addition to the backlight, brightness, and display modes, there are MotionFlow speed, white balance, HDMI black level and so on.

In addition, there are more dynamic backlights in the advanced options. This is the option to adjust the area's light control. There are three states, weak, standard, and off.

7 Web Feature Trial | Online Video Back to Top

Web Feature Trial | Online Video

The network function of Sony HX950 is the same as the same brand model introduced this year, so here is a direct reference to the content of the HX750 evaluation. Interested friends can refer to it. In Sony's TV last year, some network applications have been added, and the HX750 also inherits these features, such as network video, network box, DLNA, and wireless remote control of mobile devices.

Internet Treasure Box

Let's take a look at this feature of the SONY Social Network, which is conceptually close to a smart TV. However, this is not an open platform. It is closer to the application of desktop widgets in use. After entering SEN, you can see the arrangement of square tile icons like the WP interface. The current applications include Sony Mall, public comment, happy network, web browsing area, but there is no microblog client.

In the normal case, the treasure box can also be presented as a desktop plug-in, shown as a column on the left.

Public comment

Open the public comment client, you can see the plug-in is still on the side of the screen, will not hinder the viewing of television, but the client's function only includes information, can not be purchased directly, as an auxiliary gadget can still be used.

Internet browser

The browser interface of the HX750 still has little change. It maintains a multi-tabbed interface. The T9 input method can be used when inputting the URL. The input speed is still acceptable.

For the compatibility of the page is also relatively good, just open Youku found that it is not compatible with the video playback, use a degree to be a discount.

other apps

Other applications include weather inquiries, Sony News, etc., you can always check the local weather conditions or new applications for Sony's new products and TV.

Network video

In terms of online video, the HX750 supports BRAVIA network video services based on the Wahite content service platform, providing on-demand webcasts and real-time online broadcast of massively updated movies, series and variety shows.

Video content is classified in a comprehensive manner. There are movies, TV dramas, variety shows, education, etc., but most of them are paid programs. The price of most of the movies is 5 yuan, which is believed to be meaningless to domestic users.

8 Blu-ray HD screen shot back to the top

Blu-ray HD screen real shot

In the high-definition video test section, the author tested the picture quality by playing a Blu-ray movie disc, and chose the documentaries “Microcosm”, “Fox and Me” and “King of War”. The first is the documentary "Microcosm", in which all of them are natural environment images that can test TV color reproduction.

In this session, Xiao Bian talks about his own subjective feelings. The performance of the screen is very delicate. The details are obtained with true reduction rather than excessive sharpening. In addition, white gives people a more transparent feeling, rather than the warmth in the past. Tones. I feel that this Samsung PVA panel has been put to better use after it was placed on Sony's image processing circuit.

9 Price Analysis | Evaluation Room Summary Back to Top

Price analysis

Sony 55HX950 current price between 19,000 to 18,000 yuan, 55-inch models in foreign brands which are also considered high, Samsung's flagship model ES8000 price is currently not higher than 18,000 yuan. The high price is mainly due to the reason that the HX950 has just been listed, and it will definitely have a larger decline after a certain period of time. If you have high quality requirements for friends, HX950 can be said to be quite worth the choice of models, after all, the market in the panel, image processing, backlighting and other persistent image quality models are not many.

PConline evaluation room summary

If you are currently planning to choose a television with excellent picture quality and appearance, Sony HX950 is a good choice. Because in the evaluation, HX950 in the color, dynamic picture, contrast and other aspects of performance are very good; Samsung's new specifications PVA LCD panel also brought about the improvement of picture quality; regional control light LED backlight is already quite on the market Rarely, not to mention the backlight system does bring excellent contrast performance.

Sony 55HX750 evaluation pros and cons summary
1, the quality of the actual perception of transparent colors true;
2, using Samsung high-profile PVA panel;
3, direct-type LED backlight area control effect superior;
4, X-Reality PRO image engine optimization of picture quality;
5, improved the Sony TV's warm color style.
1, less new features;
2, the price is higher.

Summary: Although the picture quality on the 55HX950 has some progress, but compared to the previous HX920 is not much improvement, the latter also reduced the smart state sensor, reducing the energy saving, children's vision protection and other functions, while HX950 also Foxconn foundry in Yantai, Shandong Province. However, the HX950 did not shrink in the body work, the use of new specifications of the LCD panel is also the reason for the improved quality, in general, HX950 is still able to competent HX920 successor role, the only problem is that the price is too high.

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