The banned animation video software can be viewed permanently

Watching video with a box has become a choice for most people at home. While watching animation is not a child's patent right now, it is said that animation is still the world of Japan, but China also has a lot of good works, but it is limited by policies that many domestic and foreign cartoons are banned, then the problem has come, now look The answer is: can not rely solely on a video software, to a variety of collaborative operations, so even if those limited animation can also be used to watch online.

It is like the Sword Art Online, the brother's brother, the Parasite and the Silver Soul. These animations can be seen by using the following three softwares.

I. Rabbit video experience: Rabbit video is an online video aggregation software for smart set-top boxes and smart TVs. To provide users with video search recommendation services, search results are derived from the Internet video site open source, rabbit video animation resources can be said to be very rich, there is One Piece, Detective Conan and brothers, parasitic animals. It sounds exciting.
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Sword Art Online

Tokyo Ghoul _. S4 U, E9 T( o7 `

II. Honeybee video experience: Bee video is a TV broadcast application based on smart TV and internet set-top box. Including variety shows, TV shows, high-definition movies, animation, sports resources, including sports, keep up to date updates. Video software is rich in animation resources, such as Detective Conan, Naruto, Death, etc.
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Detective Conan

One Piece

grim Reaper

Three quick video,
Use experience: Support iQIYI, Youku, Sohu, Tencent, pptv, LeTV and other major video site content. The entire network video includes TV dramas, movies, variety shows, and animations. Video update block, clear and smooth. Such as the explosive head samurai, attacking giants, black deacons and other anime are included.
Download address:

Black Deacon


Attack on Titan

PS: When looking for anime, you can't find it in one piece of software. You just have to change your chance to find a little bit of patience. Therefore, it's necessary to have more video software and have complementary effects.

The above three software download address:

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