Curved curved LCD TV hides three truths from consumers

Ordinary consumers of color TV products to buy, whether they have the right to choose? Some curved LCD TV manufacturers and businesses, saying that consumers are free to choose, but in fact not the case. It is understood that curved LCD TV manufacturers do not tell consumers true product information from the source, there are many misleading, to 忽悠 consumers open their wallets.

With price promotions, wrap-around experiences, and a more realistic sense of color, curved LCD TVs, though draped with a lot of attractive selling clothes, cannot cover up the established facts of their artificial twists and turns.

One truth: innate flat, artificial

LCD TV panels are naturally inflexible. This is a recognized fact. The curved curved surface TV is equivalent to a sex change operation for the original LCD panel. In order to make the TV display the screen as normal after the bending, no distortion or leakage, the manufacturing company must adapt to many components. Process.

For consumers who buy curved LCD TVs, this creates a problem: Consumers, businesses, and manufacturers do not know how long curved TV concepts can last. Previous 3D TVs, plasma TVs, and other concepts were familiar to consumers. When they were listed on the market, the shopping guides were selling and selling, and they were similar to current curved TVs. They were sold at high prices, and the results were now replaced by new concepts.

After all, color TVs are durable consumer goods in the home. Normal TVs have to be used for at least 3 to 4 years. However, according to the current concept of color TVs, the natural flexible LCD TVs will gradually become popular after 4 years. New products are easier to make money, new concept products have higher profits, and manufacturers will not continue to produce modified version of curved LCD TVs?
Truth 2: The Little 99 of the Manufacturers

Panasonic’s plasma TV suddenly announced its suspension of production. Therefore, once the color TV industry appears new product trends, curved curved LCD TV, after-sales maintenance may be more difficult than the discontinued plasma TV, manufacturers and businesses will obviously not consider the maintenance problem for consumers after 3 or 4 years.

Because in the country, color TV's machine free warranty for 1 year, the main component 3 years. As for the curved surface products that have passed the warranty period, the quality will not be met, and consumers can only pay a big price for repair.

It is understood that in addition to artificially curved panel screens, high-end curved surface television models are generally equipped with quantum dot technology to enhance color, while providing support for increasing retail prices, this point is the surface TV manufacturers are not frankly to the mass consumer of.

Different quantum dot technology companies, because of the different technical materials used, some contain toxic cadmium elements and some contain no cadmium elements.

Truth 3: Restriction of harmful substances in home appliances

In May 2015, the “Administrative Measures on Restricted Use of Harmful Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)” drafted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology clearly stated that common harmful substances in electronic and electrical products include: 1. Lead and its compounds; 2. Mercury and its Compounds; 3. Cadmium and its compounds; 4. Hexavalent chromium compounds; 5. PBBs; 6. PBDEs;

The “Measures” proposes to force companies to mark the names and contents of hazardous substances, whether the parts and their products can be recycled, and to mark the environmental protection use period of electrical and electronic products, and prohibit sales and import of products that do not meet the standards.

However, because it is still at the stage of soliciting opinions, some color TV makers that manufacture cadmium-containing quantum dot TVs have not taken the initiative to mark up and explain. This is the hidden danger of the quantum dot version surface TV. In order to achieve sales goals, some terminal businesses have even downplayed the quantum dot colors promoted by manufacturers, in order to avoid negative factors, only emphasizing the advantages of surface televisions different from those of flat-panel televisions.

According to the above-mentioned measures of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the term “environmental protection use period” means that harmful substances contained in electric and electronic products do not leak or mutate when used in accordance with the product description. Normal use of the product by the user will not cause serious pollution to the environment. The period of serious damage to its person and property.

One side is a curved quantum dot TV that contains cadmium elements for harm, full HD TV sales at 4K price, and potential maintenance problems after sale, and the other is a tablet with cost tracking, generic after-sales service, mature technology, and no national toxic substances. LCD TV,

As mentioned above, the warranty period of domestic color TVs is only one year. Consumers do not even know these cadmium-containing curved TVs. Which parts use toxic materials, especially repairs at their own expense, third-party maintenance, and consumers? Both environmental protection and environmental protection pose a potential unknown threat.

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