How to repair LED star cloth

Many people in life have such an experience. At the wedding of a certain friend, at the banquet of a certain annual meeting, on the TV show, I saw the stars in the stage background lit up like stars in the sky. That's right, that is, I share the protagonist of the experience today - LED star cloth.
LED star cloth
Therefore, please let me first introduce the background. This year, with the development and expansion of the field of stage lighting, coupled with people's growing spiritual consumption, LED star space cloth has gradually emerged. Its appearance has made stage lighting equipment farewell to the high cost. You only need a simple piece. The curtain can produce beautiful and even unexpected effects. Here, for a friend who has never seen a star cloth, I will upload a picture.
Even so, what we are discussing today is the maintenance of the starry sky cloth. At this point, I should have never seen the starry sky cloth, huh, huh.
So let's continue with the above topic. Just said that on the stage lighting equipment, the price of the starry cloth is in the middle and lower, not only that, it also has the following advantages:
1, low power, low power consumption, long life.
2, foldable, easy to install and disassemble, easy to carry.
3, good effect, wide use, can be used repeatedly and other energy saving and environmental advantages.
That's right, that's it. I believe that you are a little impatient. I will not say more, let's get into today's topic.
Regarding the maintenance of the starry cloth, we must first analyze the cause of the problem, starting from its advantages.
1. Why is the power low, why is it less power, and why is it long?
A certain size of the star cloth needs a controller to control the brightness of the LED Lamp bead on it, and the controller also functions as a transformer. As long as you read the instructions before use, you will know that the general input voltage is 220v. /50HZ, the output voltage is 3V, some 5V, and some 12V, the key their input voltage is used to adjust the brightness, which contains a voltage drop resistor, in fact, the simple point is to use the resistor to adjust the LED lamp beads The brightness of the light to achieve customer satisfaction, good, the focus is coming, as mentioned above because of the transformer, compared to the curtain, the input voltage is small, the power is naturally small, the power is small, that can The consumption will also be small (you are not talking nonsense!) Well, I try to be as concise as possible, and don't spray TAT. The LED lamp beads used in the line are basically 5mm long. Due to different processing techniques, the total length of use is 5W~10W hours. This is based on the premise of normal use, if you find a sudden power failure. If there are a few lights on the back curtain, then you have to observe the color of the center of the lamp. If it is dark red with a brown color, it means it burns. You can change it. The reason is The pulse current breaks down the LED Light, so it is recommended to choose a stable power supply here.
In addition, under normal circumstances, the lamp bead is not bright, and the cause of the burnout is excluded. It may be that the cable is loose. At this time, you can use the terminal that is pressed at both ends. If it is still not bright, then change it. The replaced lamp beads are not bad. Conditional friends can re-weld the solder joints on the lamp with a soldering iron. Be careful not to connect the tin, so that one lamp can be saved. Of course, the specific situation is analyzed specifically. If you encounter a failure that is not within the above reasons, I can only say, please contact me!
2. Foldable. Because it is cloth, folding is a matter of course, but there are also points of attention. We know that there is such a thing as static electricity in the world, especially in the autumn and winter, don’t look at the static electricity, the effect is good, enough to burn the lamp beads. Also, don't be a lamp with poor processing technology. Therefore, you should pay attention to it when you use it. Remember to wear it on the top of the rubber shoes! Still, in the case of burning, etc., it can only be changed. If you encounter a situation where there is no lamp bead, I can only say it again, please contact me!
3. The effect is good, the use is wide, and the repeated use is built on the premise that the controller is intact. There are three plates, digital tube, control board and AC transformer inside the controller, and the problem is here, the control box There is uncertainty in the occurrence of failures. The most effective way is to use a multimeter to measure at each connection point. It should be solved by replacing parts or welding.

  • ON" mode: the night light is always on
  • "Auto" mode: The night light lights up when it senses people and the environment is dark. It will go out after no 15S movement.
  • "OFF" mode: night light is off
  • "+" button: night light brightness increases
  • "-" button: the brightness of the night light is reduced
  • [â—‹" button: the brightness of the night light is adjusted to the maximum

  • Note: The function of the button is only available in the "ON" and "Auto" modes.

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